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We allow you to return all new, unused, unassembled, and resalable items in their original packaging for a full refund (minus actual shipping cost we incurred).
One shared shopping cart lets you shop across our family of sites and reach free shipping faster. We do not ship items directly to Canada, however we will ship to your desired US-based freight forwarder.Please call 877-743-2269 for more information, or refer to the Shipping Specifications, below. If your return request is due to product defect or damage, we will first work with you to get the product repaired. If your return will be coming back via freight truck, we will require you to provide us a photo before your return will be authorized.
To expedite the returns process, before shipping the item(s) back, make sure they are clean, the packaging is sufficient to prevent damage, and (if necessary) you note all defects along with the photos taken. In many cases, refunds are not processed until the item has been inspected by us in our warehouse.

Refunds must be applied to the same credit card, debit card, or other form of payment used in the original transaction. The item being returned has been obviously heavily used (such as significant charcoal buildup inside a grill).
The item has been assembled in a way that would impede proper packaging for return shipping.
If you need the product right away, you can purchase a replacement on a new order to get it shipped out as soon as possible.
Feel free to use our Simple Online Form to obtain a Returns Authorization Number (also known as an RMA number) and let us walk you through our 45 Day No Hassle Returns process.
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