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So gourmet vegetable, bread or side dish baker can be used to prepare a quick and easy side dish of seasonal vegetables or a casserole for a family of four. Feel good by being part of the solution with our environmentally friendly Organic Cotton  Apron. I need to mention here also about the pomaire clay pots that I got from you, they are absolutely the best pots I have ever used, and I finally found the perfect sizes, the 6qt. Terra Cotta Olive Serving dish with three compartments, including one for pits and one for toothpicks.
Keywords: La Chamba, Tolima, Colombia clay earthenware cookware, blackware, black clay cookware, claypot cooking, organic cookware, handcrafted, artisan, women's industries, art cooking. Best cleaning method: Wash the pot thoroughly and add some warm water to the pot (about 1” up), then add some vinegar and lemon juice to water and scrub this liquid mixture throughout the walls of the pot, rinse, let it sit to dry for 5 minutes then wipe with cotton towel to dry it out fully.
Use the pot at least 6-7 times, back to back, meaning once you cook in the pot you can wait till the food is finished, then use it again to cook… and so on for a few times… before you put it away for some time. Storing it on a dry cotton cloth or putting one inside the pot and storing with its lid open are also things that can help. Measuring 8x5x3 (small) or 10x6x3 (large), the baker can go straight from the oven to the table and can be used as a serving dish. The eco friendly Organic Cotton Apron is designed and manufactured by Ecolution India Organics from certified organic cotton. We invest in livelihoods, support small crafters from around the world as well as USA and use everything we bring in or make ourselves. Then I started to read about possible toxic issues with slow cookers: the ceramic inserts can have lead or cadmium in them and leach into your food.

I did the slow cooker chicken recipe I love and because no liquid was added, I didn’t see any sweating of the pot. The pot does absorb from what you cook in it, so this means it will not look as pretty and uniform, and it can contain a bit of a smell after it is washed.
The clay pot really does infuse more flavour into what you’re cooking, and make meat super tender and juicy. If you want what you’re cooking to have a bit of a crisp to it, take the lid off and let it cook for awhile uncovered.
It will keep food warm for a long time; so if you set your oven for a certain cooking time, your food will stay warm after the oven turns off. The reason is that ceramic is porous, so it needs to be glazed in order to seal the pores, and the glaze usually involves lead.
The slow cooker roast chicken normally would have taken 6-8 hours in a regular slow cooker – I was able to do it in 3 hours in the clay pot in the oven at 300F.
Likely it will stay warm for a couple of hours – it did for me for at least 1 hour before we ate it! I noticed what looked like mold or mildew on the bottom inside of my pot when I had it stored in my cupboard, so asked Miriam’s Earthen Cookware about it.
We have done several tests on the pots to see if there is anything that grows in between the walls and there’s none: The mildew is only limited to the surface.
If you’re looking at an alternative to a slow cooker – I would definitely recommend a clay pot!
The heat is retained at the table.Due to their porous and unglazed nature, the pots should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Some people have been using an Instant Lead Test you can buy online to test slow cookers for traces of lead, however some sources say this isn’t really an accurate test. So I decided to give it a try – I got the extra large 6 quart pot so that I could ensure that a whole organic chicken would fit in there. Not of a specific recipe or food unless using sauces that have staining agents, or preservatives (some Asian sauces like soy sauce or oyster sauce etc. I made a spicy butter chicken with a coconut milk sauce in it, then did a roast chicken after that. Of course the clay pot is even more versatile than a slow cooker – it can be used for virtually any kind of cooking. I share my journey and experiences on Juicy Green Mom so you can feel empowered, enlightened, and inspired to make educated eco-friendly product and lifestyle choices.
I started looking at clay pots on their own that are used in the oven or stove top, and found Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, a US-based company. You can add more heated vegetarian broth to the pot, if you like it more soupy than stewy.
Let the soup sit for about 15 minutes for the spices, pepper & salt, and garlic to flavor it.

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