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Besides Louise, I have a few other friends who guessed the plant that I used in my tabletop garden – Money Bowl is Nasturtium. Besides Chinese Money Plant, Pilea peperomioides is also called Missionary Plant due to the fact that this plant was introduced to Europe by a Swedish missionary working in China in the last century. I would think so too, that there are more than a few plants have the common name – Money Plant. Hi, I when I saw your money plant photos I knew the plant sounded very familiar to me… Then I realized, it looks just like (Hydrocotyle bonariensis). The Chinese lantern plant is basically a herbaceous perennial that can live up to an age of three years. The Chinese discovered this plant a long time ago and began to conduct medical studies on the plant.

Actually, it could be quite confusing since both plants have leaf stalks growing from the center of the leaf disks.
Find out about this unique plant that is shaped like the traditional Chinese lantern in our information guide.Over the course of history the lantern has become a prominent symbol of the Chinese culture. On full bloom these flowers display a vibrant red color inside a puffed up red colored calyx. They believed that the bladder like shape of its calyces indicated that the plant could be used to treat kidney and bladder problems.
Experts suggest interested individuals should start growing them inside their homes for the first two months. In its unripe stage the fruit of the Chinese lantern plant actually has poisonous potential.

Rather it is a plant found in nature which is admired for its aesthetically appealing fruit.
With alternating leaves on opposite sides of the stem the Chinese lantern plant has a rather unique structure which gives it great appeal.
The Chinese lantern plant is susceptible to develop certain diseases but these problems can be treated with the use of insecticides and repellents.

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