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In addition to cooking, I study food history, which tracks the transmission of agriculture, cooking techniques, and eating habits in order to analyze the movement of people and ideas across regions.
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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Life on the Ballarat goldfields in the mid-nineteenth century was hard enough for a man trying to make a living and survive, but for a miner’s wife it could be even more difficult, as her own fortunes were bound to the decisions her husband made. The Gold Museum holds a collection of items relating to Eliza and her family including copies of letters written to her sister in England, a photographic portrait with her children (depicted left) and the exact dress she is wearing in the photograph. They were eventually reunited, but she found that she could not reply upon him for support as he was a drunkard and constantly travelling to follow the next gold rush. Although they had a difficult relationship, John and Eliza had two more children in the mid-1850s. While it is in good condition for a working day dress, it is too fragile for public display.

I have spent the majority of my life as a Californian, and am currently an IT professional in Southern California.
I’m also interested in Asian trans-nationalism in the 1900s and in East Asian history. Eliza Perrin was an ordinary woman who followed her prospecting husband from England to the goldfields of Victoria, but her story is representative of the experiences of so many others. In 1851, she married John Perrin in West Yorkshire, just months before he sailed to the goldfields to seek his fortune. In order to survive, Eliza went into business in Ballarat with a refreshment house and store.
When their marriage broke down completely in the late 1850s, Eliza was not able to legally separate from him because the Divorce Act had yet to be passed in Australia. Everyday clothing such as this was usually worn until they no longer served a useful purpose, so it is remarkable that it has survived to this day.  The round-waisted brown dress has rows of hand-worked, chain stitch embroidery on the skirt in green, black and white. Fortunately, thanks to the resources of the digital age, Eliza’s dress is still able to be viewed in forums such as this blog.

Individual stories such as Eliza’s help us to learn more about life for women on the goldfields in general. I love experimenting with new ingredients and cuisines, and trying new restaurants in order to experience other cultures.
A year later, and with her young baby daughter at her side, she decided to join her husband.
Upon arrival in Australia after a journey of 147 days, Eliza learned that John was at the Ballarat diggings.
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