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For a number of years I thought that real campers only used specially manufactured camping gear.  The standard issue military type clamshell mess kit has a long tradition in Scouting but true campers know it is woefully inadequate.
There are lots of gadgety, expensive, highly touted modern specialty cooking and serving ware being manufactured but none are as cheap, light and practical as a kit you can assemble from commonly available alternatives.
What follows is part rant, part practical advice that will (hopefully) consign your mess kit to the recycling bin where it belongs. A specially made long spoon is useful if you are digging into a freeze-dried food pouch or freezer bag. The thermodynamic design of the plate half of a mess kit seems to have been developed by the same engineers who design heat dissipating equipment.
Anything else is better than an aluminum plate: a discount store plastic bowl, a recycled carry-out or Tupperware container. A lid for the carry-out or Tupperware container provides you with a plate and contains your other gear approximating the old style mess kit. Frisbee-type throwing discs are also a dandy deep plate, double as a toy and triple as a fan to inspire an otherwise lackluster campfire. The tiny mess kit pot is fine if, for some reason, you need to fill an eye cup with boiling water. Insulated plastic mugs are so ubiquitous these days there are probably several kicking around your kitchen fraternizing with old one quart saucepans, carry-out containers and Tupperware.

Another candidate for the recycling bin the sierra cup is poorly balanced, saps the heat out of a hot drink and (for Pete’s sake) can be worn on your belt.
Anyone who ever used an aluminum canteen recalls the distasteful metallic tang imparted to the contents along with the ghost of last year’s Kool-aid. About Clarke GreenClarke has worked with thousands of Scouts and Scouters as a director at his local Scout Camp (Camp Horseshoe), and as a Scoutmaster for 30 years.
I sometimes use the the old style boy scout clamshell because of the bowls that can be used for cooking as well as serving. Many of the boys in our troop just bring along a plate, cup and spoon from home in a ditty bag, and they eat just fine. I also keep a cast iron frying pan in my box for cooking pancakes, french toast, smokies sausages, grilled cheese, and dinners.
Nothing on this website is an official publication of, nor bears the endorsement or sponsorship of any Scouting Organization. Thin-walled mess kit cups don’t keep things hot, they are flimsy and unstable (try to drink hot coffee using the twiddly little appendage they call a handle). Is there anythingmore uncomfortable on a hike than a canteen s lapping against your hips at every step? A generous, easy-to clean mouth, inert materials and a secure cap make for a perfect camping container – mine glows in the dark.

They are light, cheap and, if the cap leaks, can be fixed with some plumber’s Teflon tape. As for me, yup, I have one of the stainless-steel versions of the clamshell mess kit and never use half the pieces. While we do our best to get things right the final word on policy and procedure is found in the resources produced by your Scouting organization. Keeping all your cookware right at your fingertips without having to dig through everything to find what you need can be difficult, especially when you live in a small apartment. The fork is a utilitarian masterpiece compared to the dull, flimsy, useless knife that shames knives everywhere. One of the easiest ways to succeed is to find creative ways to arrange furnishings and accessories that maximize space, including wall space, cupboard door space, and any other empty spaces you may have in your kitchen.

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