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Confirmed Orders will be delivered from 28 July CHEZ 6PC CERAMIC COOKWARE SET Double Layer Ceramic Coating 3003 Aluminium Alloy Induction Honeycomb Bottom Heat Resistant Coating 2.5mm Thickness Soft Touch Handles and Lid Knobs Tired of scraping charred food remains off your cooking pots and pans? If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
With daily cooking and cleaning, chances are youa€™ll be looking for something labelled a€?NON-STICKa€?. All non-stick cookware currently widely available falls into one of two categories: CERAMIC and PTFE. In recent years, concern has grown over the safety of these coatingsa€”specifically debates around PTFE safety after found to emit toxic fumes when overheated.

Specifically, they come in DOUBLE LAYERED Ceramics interior for added strength to improve their lifespan. Another feature of the cookware is the HONEYCOMB INDUCTION BOTTOM which allows for superior thermal dispersion, to cook and brown your food evenly. Lid Turquoise Blue DOUBLE LAYERED QUALITY CERAMIC INTERIORdon't leach harmful chemicals into your food HONEYCOMB INDUCTION BOTTOM gives excellent thermal dispersion NICE DESIGN ATTRACTIVE FRESH COLORS Quality Heat Resistant Outer Coating in Boysenberry Purple or Turquoise Blue SOFT TOUCH HANDLES !#!amp!*!
Safety Tips for stove top cooking: Use soft utensils made of wood, plastic, or silicone to avoid damaging the ceramic cooking surface.
If youa€™re not cooking with a broth or liquid that absorbs heat, pay close attention to your cooking surface.

We do not recommend use in Oven where temperatures may be exceedingly high *************************************************************************************** ALSO AVAILABLE 2PC FRYPAN SET IN MATCHING COLORS !

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