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Be the real food hero at potlucks and parties with recipes that taste amazing and won't break the bank!
These blogs have really helped me to analyze what our family eats and learn valuable skills, like making yogurt, making bread, using a whole chicken, and menu planning. Tired of having my emotional chain jerked by news of something wrong in our food system that is going to kill me. Tired by all the conflicting information there is a€“ showing that few issues are really black and white. Back in 2012, Kitchen Stewardship ran a Monday Mission on being mindful of your cookware, particularly any nonstick pots and pans.A Ita€™s a veryA interesting article. I read about the supposed chemicals that were leached from using damaged nonstick cookware and their cancer-causing connections.
Background: At the time our family was in a season where we were really struggling with our health a€“ we were battlingA asthma, severe food allergies, gluten-intolerance, digestive difficulties, and horrid bacterial infections. Although I regret the spirit of fear that I made these changes in, the changes themselves really were beneficial a€“ both to our health and our wallet. As I prepared to write this post, I revisited the topic of nonstick — spending 12+ hours researching nonstick and what we know about it. You also should never, ever cook above medium-high heat (no matter what type of pan you use).
Back in 2010, I read a quote by the President of a Cookware Association (who knew those exist?) who was giving his thoughts on nonstick. Now you may believe in the (true?) conspiracies that Big Companies are out to get your money, so they are intentionally making cheap items that break so you constantly have to rebuy them. I still wanted something with a stick-resistant factor, so while a stainless steel skillet was an option, it wasna€™t a perfect solution.
As a mom of little ones, I needed the flexibility of letting a dirty pan sit for awhile on the counter.
Americaa€™s Test Kitchen is a wonderful resource that does exactly what their name states: they run hardy tests on kitchen pieces and give amazing recommendations so you get the best bang for your buck. Ita€™s thanks to them that I discovered Le Creuset a€“ a very high quality line that specializes in cast iron cookware with an enamel covering.
Additionally, the enamel covering allows for (1) fun pan colors, (2) a stick-resistant surface, and (3) the ability to submerge the pan in water and use soap.
Le Creuset has outlet stores located in 33 states (and growing) across the US.A These stores sell the excellent high-quality line at a significant discount. Believe me, it was a massive budget pinch to splurge on these items a€¦ but we took the long view and saw how this was to our benefit. Americaa€™s Test Kitchen also recommends the Tramontina brand of enameled-cast-iron cookware.
The heart beat of Kitchen Stewardship is to help provide baby steps a€“ small, tangible steps that (hopefully) dona€™t throw your life into a tailspin to put into practice. In an upcoming post, I will show you what pots and pans have earned the right to stay in my kitchen a€“ but that may look different for you and your family, based on your cooking habits. Try to view your spending as investing a€“ especially if you are getting something that will last a long time. Quick note from Katie: Le Creuset is a great brand of enameled cast iron, but there are others as well where the price tag may differ.
This post contains affiliate links to Amazon from which KS will earn a commission if you make a purchase. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Click here for my disclaimer and advertising disclosure - affiliate links in this post will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn't change your price. I unplugged from following all but two blogs, only keeping tabs on Kitchen Stewardship and one other blog because I appreciated the balanced, practical, and non-judgmental flavors these blogs had.
In a follow-up post, Katie talked about cooking with a nonstick pan while running a high-quality air purifier in her home.
For every article that affirms nonstick is toxic and dangerous, there is another article saying ita€™s perfectly fine.
I wish I could find the original article, but the gist of his quote stuck with me: a€?Nonstick cookware is not made to last. Between the scratching, the niggling concern about nonstick safety, and the constant turnover in pan usage, I knew something had to give.
Keep in mind that cutting apart a whole chicken also seemed too daunting, but I also learned to conquer that fear. Le Creuset (pronounced a€?Lay Cruise-SAYa€?) is a reputable French company that has been making cookware for almost 100 years a€“ and they are known for their durability and quality. Although this cookware is considered to be a€?secondsa€? (meaning, the glaze color is slightly off or therea€™s a slight imperfection), this in NO WAY impairs the function of the cookware a€“ and it still carries a lifetime guarantee. I have used my Le Creuset braiser almost every day for 5 years a€“ and it hasna€™t shown an ounce of wear.
It might be easy for you to feel like you have failed your family a€“ both health-wise and financially for using nonstick. Just be sure to check the warranty guarantee so you really can buy cookware to last a lifetime. When shea€™s not busy making a disaster in the kitchen, she enjoys taking all-day cycling excursions with her family and reading books. Basically, I had to let myself emotionally heal and return to a place where I could simply enjoy food again. For every ounce that our physical lives were spiraling out of control, I felt compelled to try to a€?fixa€? it by being better and more perfect in our living.
Good Housekeeping found that a cheap nonstick pan a€?zoomed to more than 500 degrees in two and a half minutesa€? a€“ and it even had oil in it. I didna€™t feel comfortable letting food debris sit encrusted on a cast iron pan for daysA hours. But ita€™s still hard for my mind to wrap around the reality of simply wiping down a pan with a paper towel and calling it a€?clean.a€? I probably need to educate myself better and just put on my big girl britches.
In fact, Le Creuset pans are known for being passed down as inheritances from one generation to another! The first time I saw the price of their cookware, I sucked in my breath so hard, my teeth almost fell out. The only difference is the lack of enamel coating (which changes how you care for your pan).
So if you make eggs every day on a 9a€? skillet, consider investing in a good small skillet.
Personally, I use an Xtrema skillet (ceramic) and like having a skillet that people can use without having to know special care rules like my beloved cast iron.
She comes from a long line of cooks, including ancestors who were chefs to German nobility. Whether its emitting cancer-causing fumes is not for me to say; ita€™s enough for me to know that using nonstick requires intentional monitoring of pan heat.
So I took it back to Bed Bath and Beyond and they replaced it for free (bless them) because they agreed that 3 months was far too soon for a nonstick pan to bite the dust.
Remember: once a nonstick pan has just one scratch, you should stop using it (sniff sniff).

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