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The following informative and interesting article and photos are by Eileen Troemel of Janesville, Wisconsin (near Madison). Camping usually means you eat hot dogs on a stick, cold sandwiches and not a lot of appetizing food. Dutch oven was one of their most valuable items especially since entire meals could be cooked in them. All very interesting but grandma doesn’t go camping anymore and you have no idea how to work with Dutch ovens. Aluminum is also easier to care for as it won’t rust and can just be washed as any other pan is washed in soap and water. You’ve conquered the cooking aisle or the rummage sale and come home with the prized Dutch oven. If your oven is aluminum you only have to do one simple step – wash the oven in soap and water. However, if you treat the aluminum pan like a cast iron and season it (see steps below) then the oven will have almost a non-stick surface.

If you don’t want to go through the steps of seasoning your pot then you can usually buy one which is pre-seasoned. If you are cooking a full meal then you may want to have several Dutch ovens to cook with or in.
One advantage of wood, depending on where you are camping, is that at most campsites it is readily available. Some experts feel soap will break down the seasoning, get in the pores, and cause a bad taste in food. Buy now for the camper in your life - gorgeous, and hard-wearing, these will last you for many summers to come.
The skillets are hardy enough to use over an open fire and good looking enough to use at home in the kitchen.
Great for that hearty morning fry-up, which always seems to taste so much better when cooked outdoors, morning pancakes or cooking evening meals. For a 12-inch pan, aluminum pans weigh about 7 pounds rather than the 18 pounds for a cast iron pot.

However if you have a couple of bricks, you can place the oven on them and coals underneath.
The acid and sugars can break down the seasoning before it has a chance to properly harden.
Also make sure your Dutch oven matches the size in the recipe or you could have an unintended overflow. Hardy enough to be put straight into an open fire or on top of a wood burner stove, it can be used to either boil water or as a teapot as it comes with a removable stainless steel infuser - great for all types of tea.

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