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This blog does not share personal information with third parties nor do we store any information about your visit to this blog other than to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. This week there wasn’t much rushing (although the husband was late more than once) and we were able to enjoy dinner together. My intention was to make it super easy on myself and follow this recipe from Pillsbury but I didn’t because homemade gravy is awesome in pot pies and a great deal better than something from a can. The biscuits were light, flaky, and so tender… so good that I barely had enough for the whole family! You can download a great recipe booklet from Pillsbury that’s full of recipes using Grands Biscuits. I do think it would be possible to cook this in the oven, yet I have no idea as to what the correct cooking time and temp would be. I only have a small crockpot (and I’m now seeing the error of my ways), so I only used probably two sweet potatoes.
My extra sweet potatoes were turned into hash that I sauteed with the beef and onion drippings, mmm!
Wow thsi recipe looks fantastic, it will make the perfect breakfast whcih I will be able to have for the entire week! I’ll be making this Hungry Man Sweet Potato Casserole this weekend for my Crossfit son and future daughter-in-law. We grew around 150lbs of sweet potatoes this year so i am definitely adding this recipe to my list! I added mushrooms when I cooked the onions and spinach when I assembled the ingredients in the crook-pot…yummo! This sounds a lot like a recipe we Puerto Ricans make called pastelon which is made with sweet plantains instead of sweet potatoes and in my family we include french cut green beans in with the ground beef and onions. This dish is a power-packed, nutrient-dense meal that is quite balanced in terms of carbohydrates-to-proteins.
While the sweet potatoes are cooking, in a large cast-iron skillet, over medium heat, add the ground meats, chopped onions, chiles, cayenne powder, curry powder, and garlic. Sprinkle another layer of cheese on top of the meat, but this time use the Parmigiano-Regiano cheese. Oh, one last thing…place the herb bundle between the first and second layers of the potatoes-meat-bacon-cheese.
This page contains a variety of advertising including links where you have the opportunity to support our business if you make a purchase. I love hashbrown casserole and although it is already easy, sometimes you just need to grab things quickly from the grocery store. Our clubs allow you to select WHAT email updates you want on tips, deals, and topics WHEN you want them. Usually my family and I kick the holiday off by watching the Macy’s parade with cold mimosas in one hand, and Mini Cinnamon Rolls in the other before getting into our annual showdown over playing Scrabble, followed by feasting on my Mom’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner later that afternoon.
This crock pot breakfast casserole is so good that my Mom has made it twice in the last month, first when my Grandma and Aunt were in town and again a couple weeks later for Evie’s baptism, then I made it for Ben and myself last Saturday morning to eat and reheat all weekend long.

Top with 3 sliced green onions, then repeat the hash brown, sausage, and cheese layers one more time. Spray a large crock pot with non-stick spray then place half the hash browns into the bottom. Pair each hearty scoop of piping hot casserole with mashed avocado, diced tomatoes, salsa, or as Ben prefers – a slathering of cold ketchup.
It says you can cook it on low for 8 hours = overnight.You could always put everything together in the crock ahead of time and then put it in the fridge (keep covered).
I almost did a crock pot breakfast casserole last Christmas but I wasn’t sure how eggs would do in the slow cooker. Neither my Mom nor I have tried, but if you do, I think it might take a little less time (just a hunch?!) Also, I don’t use CP liners, but you certainly can! This breakfast casserole looks great and I love that you have partnered with Ziplist to make it easier to save the recipes that I love (and I sure have a lot of them). Tammilee recently posted..Margaritaville Beach Hotel at Pensacola Beach Florida is the perfect getaway! So far they all appear to be settling in quite well and are all happy with the way things are going for the most part… they still complain about all the homework and having to get up so early (and going to bed on time).
I followed the basic recipe that Pillsbury and used a rotisserie chicken and what I had left over from our dinner earlier in the week, along with carrots, celery, onions, peas, and a potato. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of General Mills.
If you end up with some extra sweet potatoes, I’m sure you can think of a few ways to eat them later.
I used one pound of chicken and one pound of ground sirloin, each with different seasoning, in different layers.
The sweet potatoes turned out so tender, that they melted into the rest of the dish… I added cumin to the meat and Mrs. Love this, I can prepare everything the night before assemble in morning and come to a home cooked meal! Just keep in mind greens contain water, so a ton of greens will release water into the dish. This recipe yields a lot of food, all at one time, so freeze the leftovers and savor them when you really need them. Place the removable crock in the refrigerator overnight; this will allow the dish to set up and also allow all of these incredible flavors to marry. Instead of nibbles and nips of this and that, I’m bringing over a big Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole to feast on all morning long. Just layer frozen hash browns, breakfast sausage, eggs, and shredded cheese in a crock pot, then let ‘er rip. 4 hours in the crock pot on high, or 8 on low, and you’ll have got yourself a fluffy, filling breakfast casserole that your entire family will love. Layer in half the cooked sausage, half the cheeses, and half the green onions, then repeat hash brown, sausage, and cheese layers.
I’ve seen these breakfast crockpot things all over Pinterest and was curious as to how it would turn out.

I was just pondering what on earth I was going to do for Thanksgiving breakfast… and its gonna be this! I really liked the dish because it tasted good, and it has broccoli in it, which the kids just ate up and enjoyed eating.
Even if I am prepared dinner can sometimes be a rush because somebody has something going on and has to leave or will be late getting home.
I had some leftover sweet potatos so I cooked them in the bacon grease and had more or less fried sweet potato fries. Many athletes seem to perform better when replenishing muscle glycogen with post-workout tubers.
You may be a wicked awesome CrossFitter or Cross-weight lifter, and because of that, you need lots of food, lots of macronutrients, and lots of awesome flavor to help keep your progression moving. Perfect for throwing together on Thanksgiving morning, then cooking on high for 4 hours while everyone gets up and at ’em. When they come to visit from Alabama I have to stock the freezer with Tater Tots so we always have them on hand.
This breakfast dish would also be great for a late breakfast since it takes time to cook in the crock pot. I hate having to rush dinner because then it doesn’t always lead to a good meal or us sitting around the table having those end of day conversations that I enjoy.
Sunday I roasted a couple of chickens and made homemade gravy and those leftovers went into another delicious meal that I made.
You need lots of food, lots of macronutrients, lots of awesome to help keep you progressing.
You can even cook it on low for 8 hours overnight, if the gang’s getting started early! I have to say that John had so much fun sending his Sister a picture of this Crock Pot Tater Tot Casserole and letting her know how much he was enjoying it.
And if I had any left of the meat mix I would’ve thrown that on top of the fried potatoes.
It was probably the best dinner all week because there was not a single bit left in the pan… nothing. The hungry man is just a catchy title, and I fully expect the ladies to make this big batch of goodness as well.
My husband couldn’t stop raving about it and how happy he was there were leftovers:) thanks!!! This recipe yields a lot of food, all at one time, eat it or freeze it, you know you need it.

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