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The new campus of TAC SEV is built across from the existing property of Tarsus American College (TAC).
All Parts shall be free from defects in workmanship for one year from the date your products are delivered. CARING FOR YOUR ANODIZED PARTSWhen caring for your anodized BT products it is important that you never use a wash that is phosphate based. I thought I would provide some information on survival gear and anyone who wants to add to this theory, feel free to do so. I've found the compact fixed blade Extrema Ratio Shrapnel to be an excellent outdoors carry knife. We have a habit of collecting various types of tools and small-kits mostly without any realization of how we will carry and use it when the need arises. Recently, I was at park towers in karachi and on the top floor i saw this stall selling switch blades. Today I bought a bag for concealed carry my Stoeger cougar and to prepare an Intruder defense bag or BOB kit.
No I dont think anyone in Karachi has them, however they can be ordered directly from the Waian website. With a thin metal base placed under any tablecloth and a strong magnet on the bottom of the vase it holds your flowers upright. Considering its proximity to the historic context of the school, the new campus is conceived, as a design principle, a part of the TAC campus it is separated from by a road that traverses the premises.
The 4in+ blade is neither too large nor that small for ease of carrying and performing general chores in the field.
Below is a well-written article which covers the importance of some basic E&E tools as well as the importance of being able to conceal carry them. Its a (Vintage) Gerber Folding Sportsman III cleaned and scrubbed with brasso for 45 minutes, and this is the end result!I will be resharpening the blade also, but carefully. The illusion of a vase standing alone and defying the laws of physics makes the magnetic vases a must in every home.
Find below the picture of my bag with Stoeger Cougar, Arms License, extra Magazine and Flashlight. NO ONE should take my words as pointing towards them or in any manner being belittling them.IMHO! The vases themselves are made from aluminum with a colorful anodized coating. A set of five aluminum vases and five metal bases in every box. In the first half of the 20th century, the legendary Henri Charriere (Papillon) succeeded in escaping from the infamous French penal colony in Guiana.

It's blade is propelled open by a torsion spring that keeps constant tension on the blade, thereby preventing blade bounce. Drag Race (image on right) with starting tree.Each part is machined from certified domestic, solid 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. More recently, Scott O’Grady, a United States Air Force pilot, evaded capture and was eventually rescued after being shot down over Bosnia in 1995.What all these men have in common is that they applied tools, techniques and skills to escape with their lives. I felt curious as regards the real price and went to chaadi lane (Mariott road) and came across some pretty decent jet black switches of a type I have used before and found both tough and sharp. While E&E tools can encompass just about anything you can get your hands on, in this article I’m going to focus on small, body-concealable tools that may aid in a person’s escape or evasion from hostile forces. This safety ensures that the blade of the knife will not open accidentally in a pocket or other carrying system. In many cases, these are not highly specialized tools designed solely for the purpose of E&E.
It also ensures that when the blade is locked into the open position, there is virtually no chance of it accidentally folding and injuring the user, even if the firing button is accidentally pushed.
Once u r in that specific lane u have to go to the last shop before the lane turns to the left. Unfortunately, he refused to sell less then 12 I was tempted but my better half would not have taken kindly to showing up with a dozen identical knives under my belt. Actually, the latter can be quite handy for breaking windows or cracking skulls (if need be). Selecting a good design such as Scandi grind knife or a MORA (12 $ to max 40 $) is MORE than enough to last a life time of abuse. Not only can they be used to escape restraints, but most importantly, they can also be used to make or acquire other tools.
I have a medium-size hand, and I find the handle of the 06 knives to be very comfortable and secure to use.
Dog Tag knives, razor blades, wire saws, hacksaw blades, diamond wire, Kevlar cord and specially designed mini knives pretty much cover the gambit of what’s readily available.Some of these cutting tools are available in non-magnetic ceramic, Titanium and plastic to avoid detection with metal detectors, thus making the art of concealing them on the body much easier. So you get the idea - when packing your kit, make sure you have something that serves these basic needs. The rear half of the blade’s edge is aggressively serrated, which should serve well for cutting rope and other fibrous materials. Once you escape initial capture, you may have to break into a building for shelter, travel overland to evade, or survive in the wild until you are rescued.
The blade is made from S30V stainless steel, which is one of the best conventional stainless steels available for folder use with regard to edge holding, toughness, and resistance to corrosion.

Even if you’re not in possession of commercially available tools when captured, always be looking for useful items—be it the rusty nail you find lying on the ground in your prison cell or a broken piece of glass.
It is not advisable to conceal items on a necklace chain cord or under wristwatches, because anything of value will be taken by kidnappers. Likewise, wallets and passports should also be avoided for concealment, as they will be confiscated by kidnappers and hostage takers. Japanese use unequal grinds on kitchen knife to cater to the specialised cutting techniques OR convex grind on the swords to keep the blade facing the tough hits in sword fighting. Hats can be easily lost during a scuffle, so they are not recommended as concealment for first-line escape gear. Shoe and boot laces can be replaced with (550) ParaCord or a similar cord that utilizes a hollow sheath. Trim to fit the shoes and sear the ends without sealing the ends.Kevlar cord and escape tools can also be stored inside the tongue of a shoe or boot. Use a seam ripper to carefully open the tongue and then sew Velcro along the edge, creating a pocket that you can open and close.
A short length of Kevlar cord can also be woven into the pants seam for quick removal to cut through FlexiCuffs, wire ties or other bindings.ALWAYS BE PREPAREDThe most important thing to consider when concealing any escape tool is what you will be left with once you are taken. In most cases, the initial contact with the “enemy” will be with the least qualified personnel in the chain of authority looking for you.
Their only mission is to detain you and pass you up the line, so the faster you can break contact and flee, the more likely you are to succeed. This is when proper planning and concealment of escape tools in shoes and clothing work best. Once you arrive at a more secure facility and are turned over to personnel whose business is to handle prisoners, your shoes and clothing will probably be removed and you may only be left with your pants—if you’re lucky. Always plan for these scenarios in advance, even if it means taping small escape tools to the genital area before going on a mission. Once all dirt is removed you may use mineral spirits and clean your parts in one direction with the tool grain.
Take a little extra time to conceal items on your body and clothing, practice using them, and keep a survivor’s mindset.

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