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As I sit down to write, I am daydreaming about zipping over to the little island of Tierra Bomba in Colombia and living the life of my true food idol, Anthony Bourdain. First, if you are unlucky enough to have a fish that has not been cleaned, follow these directions to clean your fish. Next, take a sharp knife and make 4-5 slashes on each side of the fish, all the way to the bone. In a small bowl, combine the lime juice, green onions, garlic, parsley, salt, crushed red pepper, and black pepper. This entry was posted in Recipes and tagged best south american seafood dishes, easy colombian seafood recipes, fried red snapper recipe, how to deep fry a whole fish, simple fried fish recipe by Sonja Stein. Love the presentation,this is exactly how I make it, fry with plantain, this is how is make in my country Panama,very good. Just make sure you scale fish before (if it has scales) and cut into portion pieces suitable for frying. In this particular episode of his show, No Reservations, that I am imagining in my mind, he is lounging in a beach hut and eating amazingly fresh seafood, cooked to perfection.
Just remember to keep the head on (never thought I would have to say that…) but it looks better for your final presentation.
With your fingers, rub the mixture all over the fish, inside the cracks and inside the belly as well.

I was born and raised in Connecticut, educated in Boston, and now I am officially an NYC girl! I suddenly snap back into reality and realize that I can recreate my crazy dreams right at home. If you don’t have a thermometer available, simply flick a tiny bit of water with your fingers into the oil. Don’t forget that there are plenty of bones still in the fish (literally, all of the bones) so be careful!
We caught a few of these yesterday off Jupiter FL as well as a larger mutton snapper and some other tasty fish. Cooking this whole fish was surprisingly easy – mostly because the nice fish market man cleaned the fish for me at the grocery store. Once the oil is at its proper temperature, cover the fish on both sides in flour and place the fish in the pan. Spritz some extra lime juice on the fish, put a good bite in your mouth, close your eyes and go to your happy place… Perfection!
When purchasing a red snapper to pan fry at home, make sure that you ask them to clean it for you.
Thanks, AdamReply Brittany says: March 9, 2012 at 9:50 pmThanks for the great, simple recipe!!

As long as your fish is cleaned, this recipe is easy peasy and is may be the best fried red snapper recipe. I salted the cod before coating them in flour and to the flour I added a bit of chili powder, cayenne, and cumin. I believe that one fish is enough for two people – but if you want to serve one fish per person, just double, triple, etc. I also made a homemade sauce with mayo, garlic, pickled cabbage, and lemon juice, which was also very smooth and didn’t interfere with the flavour of the fish or batter. Adam, you answered my question as to what to do with the 2 pounds of cod he brought home, My kitchen has all the ingredients including, the sauce. I will Bookmark my new favorite site in hopes that you will share more of your fish recipes.

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