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Rest assured with the knowledge that Freeze Fr110‘s chronograph movement secures top levels of precision.
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Tip: You can right click the button and choose 'save link as' to download the PDF to your computer. The Disc Trap uses the higher kinetic energy of flash steam over water to close the trap with static pressure. As condensate enters the trap, it lifts the disc and discharges out three individually-ported outlet holes.
As a whole, the watch gives a good impression of quality, materials feel nice to the touch.
The three outlet holes assure the vertical lift of the disc is parallel to the seat so no rubbing or tilting of disc is possible.
The rubber with stainless steel accents band the Fr110 is equipped with warrants both superior grade of comfort and a excellent fit.
I haven’t had it for a long time, but based on my experience so far, this thing is awesome.

However, if you would like your branding iron made of all stainless steel (as would be required for steak brands), we can do so for just a few dollars more. Whilst stainless steel brands can be used for fire branding, we would not recommend that they then be used as freeze brands because they will lose their crisp edges once heated. When condensate temperature gets close to steam temperature, the condensate starts to flash over into steam after it enters the trap. This flash steam flows with a higher velocity (under the disc) lowering the pressure under the disc.
Exceptional sapphire dial window is an insurance policy against accidental nicks and secures years of appealing looks.

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