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Tramontina® Porcelain Enamel Colored Nonstick Aluminum 14-Piece Cookware Set - Who Said Nothing in Life is Free? The Tramontina® Porcelain Enamel Colored Nonstick Aluminum 14-Piece Cookware Set comes in your choice of copper or bronze colored nonstick interior and features a black high-fired porcelain enamel exterior. New color technology by DuPont: their colored nonstick interior coating is made of Teflon® Platinum.

Pans coated with Teflon® nonstick coating systems have a useful life up to seven times longer than “ceramic” coated cookware. The Copper or Bronze colored nonstick interior provides easy, on-trend color to the kitchen, enhancing your cooking experience.
As you can see, these pots and pans are amazing and an investment you will not regret to make.  It even comes with a lifetime warranty (any piece will be repaired or replaced at no charge if it is found to be defective under normal, noncommercial household use).

You just set the lid on and rotate it into a locked position, cook your pasta and then tilt to drain.

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