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Cooking with cast iron is one of those things where I failed utterly and repeatedly until I finally reached out to people for help. I want to emphasize that getting stuff to slide right off of cast iron is easy - once you get the hang of it. A little knowledge and a little practice will give you a cast iron skillet that will last a lifetime and will never poison you. Cooking with cast iron helps folks get more iron in their diet to build more red blood cells.
The most common feedback was to take a close look at the cooking surface of this new skillet. The second is where they take the first and machine out the cooking surface to make it much smoother. Time passed and I thought "Why not take the Lodge cast iron skillet with the rough surface and grind it down myself?" I bought a bunch of sandpaper designed for use with metal and figured 20 minutes with my different power sanders and some elbow grease should make it right as rain!
The nice thing about the oven approach is that you get a layer of seasoning all over the cast iron skillet all at once. One time I watched a fella seasoning a commercial steel griddle by patiently pushing some oil around the hot surface. If you bought used cast iron, chances are that it is already seasoned with years of hearty use. An interesting thing about seasoning: It is usually quite mottled, or spotty, or spider-web-ish. A close up so you can see how some layers are more mottled than others and some layers are blacker than others. I got a fascinating e-mail from "Shannon in NC" telling me about how you can start a cast iron skillet over by using a self cleaning oven.
I stumbled on to your info about cast iron cookware and wanted to let you know my experience with the self cleaning oven method.
Out of curiousity, I had called my oven manufacturer last month wanting to know exactly how hot it gets and was told around 900-950 degs during the (roughly) 3 hr cycle. Since leaving the racks in the oven will turn them dark and change the finish on them, I take them out.
I was thinking of other items that could be used to set the cast iron cookware on while going through the self cleaning cycle and ceramic coffee cups came to mind.
I inherited my mom's fifty year old cast iron, and for a few years I always used crisco on them.

Last year I finally made some lard and we have been using it ever since on all of our cast iron- it is so much better than crisco.
Our pans have a beautiful, deep black finish that is a hundred times better than any non-stick finish you could buy.
My obsessive searching for information on this led me to this page which compares many different oils for their different strengths and weaknesses.
Sponges and dishrags create homes for festering gick and they have very little ability to remove something that was afixed with high heat. I haven't tried this yet, but as soon as my current scrubby kicks the bucket, I'm gonna try it. The mission here is to try and get the yucky stuff out and leave as much of the seasoning on the skillet as possible. For any cast iron skillet I have cooked anything with, this is the complete list of things I have ever done to clean a skillet. A little salt: If there is just a little bit of something sticking, and a paper towel alone doesn't do the trick, put a little salt on the little bit of sticky stuff. As I travel and people show me their cast iron, I sometimes see a piece that has big black tumors on the cooking surface. This is the super closeup of the cast iron skillet of my mind showing the original lumpiness of the raw cast iron, followed by layers of seasoning and the occasional bit of stuck on something-or-nuther. Now we start with a similar cast iron surface and the only thing we change is that we use a stainless steel spatula with a flat edge. Spatula edge: Nearly all metal spatulas have a slightly rounded edge - those will scratch the surface of our cast iron in a bad way. With a wood handle, you can rest your drippy spatula in the pan and the handle won't melt or get hot.
I have a lot to say about this - take a look at my article on care of wood handles in the kitchen.
When cooking bacon, I like to save the grease, then use the grease later for eggs, or corn bread, or whatever.
If you use the grease regularly, you can keep it on the counter - just a little ways away from the stove.
My third stainless steel grease keeper (my second is no longer available - which if fine, because the lid was too tight). I would like to see an invention where you can buy just the lid and filter with a handle and pour spout to go on a mason jar.

A magnificent test for those that have mastered getting their eggs to not stick to cast iron: get your waffles to not stick to a cast iron waffle iron. Covering rocket mass heaters, rocket stoves, hot water and a collection of techniques to make wood burning stoves about ten times more efficient.
This DVD and plans are an introduction to a nifty new design of greenhouses that utilizes many aspects of permaculture! Shanleya's Quest is a truly unique educational book that presents botanical concepts and plant identification skills in an easy and fun metaphorical format for children as well as adults who are young at heart. This contains all of my podcasts and videos, 70 of Jack's podcasts and a gigabyte sized video, plus all of tall paul's podcasts! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
All the exchanges, the petty irritations, the deadly revelations, the flat announcements of disaster, the grunts and poetry of love. When you purchase these handmade Agave Products, you are helping to support 115 women and provide in-school lunch programs for impoverished children while paying the workers living wages.
Suitable for first-time builders of earthen ovens, or cob fans looking to create a more efficient, less smoky bakery for an outdoor kitchen or pizza-palace. Some commentary and animation have been added to clarify some of the workshop points, but overall, this is still just a video of a workshop made with a handheld camera. It was created by wild crafting guru Sergei Boutenko and it includes 10 ebooks along with the movie Common Weeds and Wild Edibles of the World!
It features all 52 cards but in a digital format that you can look at and enjoy the art and information on a large screen!
From hatching your chicks to feeding your chickens, to building your chicken housing to butchering your chickens to putting them to work in your garden, to cooking chicken and eggs. On the other hand, this makes it very good for seasoning bare steel and cast iron cookware." - this is the only oil where they even mention cast iron. Lately, I've been favoring the use of bacon grease - the kind that is saved after frying bacon.
I would take the lid off and set it on the counter upside down - to keep the bits of grease off the counter.

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