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Calphalon Everyday Pans are far superior to Teflon, but you will always want to make sure you are buying authentic Calphalon. While a great deal of cookware is highly specialized and not prepared for perpetual use, Calphalon Everyday Pans are great for a nightly dinner or your daily breakfast. Anodized Calphalon Every Day Pans are all multi-purpose, so you can use these pans for any meal. In my humble little ole opinion, there are few things more enjoyable (food-wise) than a big ole crock of Queso dip. It is so easy to make, there is absolutely no excuse not to for your next gatherin’ of the hungry masses. Forget gathering around the water cooler… who needs water when you can have liquid cheesy GOODeNESS??? Now I did it up the old fashion way since my MicroCooker was packed up to go to FREEZE-O-RAMA that day.

Calphalon Everyday pans are best when purchased as a set, as you get a discount on quantity over buying individual pieces.
Whether you plan on frying a few eggs before work or sauteing some peppers to go with your stake, these everyday pans will satiate your palette and fill your stomach like no other can.
I nuked it for 3 minutes, stirred and then another 3 minutes before letting it melt the rest of the way on low in the crock pot. Since Calphalon is one of the most durable materials for cooking, gone are the days where you would have to worry about the possibility of damaging your pan through the use of a metal tool.
Since the Calphalon material is of the highest quality, cleaning and maintaining is also simple. Many meals can be concocted with just these pans, be it of Italian design, such as sausage and peppers, or a pan seared salmon.
Who knows why besides I don't think the velveeta is quite processed enough so I might as well go for some canned creamy goodeness!

Other than adding to the flavor and creating a medium through which your food will sizzle, you wouldn't even have to use oil or spray in order to keep your food from sticking.
Unlike Teflon, your Calphalon will not scratch with even a rough scrape from a metal utensil. The diverse list of uses these Calphalon everyday pans entail make them worth any expense incurred. This allows for more flexibility since you will not have to plan your pans around tongs, spatulas, and other tools. And remember, buying a set of Calphalon Everyday Pans will always be cheaper than buying individual pieces.

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