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This made us realise that there was an opening for many more products that we could supply in conjunction with our electrical products.
Suit for 12 personsMade of high quality aluminium material Ddelt by advanced hard anodisation and hard anodisation anodising cooker setThe pots are made of high quality aluminium material and are delt with by advanced hard anodisation and can resist high temperature and friction. Realising the potential of these products and being able to link it with current product developments, such as the power distribution unit for horse boxes. With having almost 30 years in the Automotive business (senior management) it was clear to us what was required to provide a faultless service along with good quality products at an affordable price.

But, there is something kind of exciting about seeing their envious glances as you pull your Evernew Titanium Non-Stick Pot from its nylon stuff stack. These non-stick cook kits will ensure you are not hovering around the washing up area for long before you can put them back in their handy carry bag.
Our high quality products and service is backed up by dealing directly with such names as Smev, Waeco, Calibre Wheels, Vango, we also stock many other big brand names such as CBE which help us to help you create your very own Xtremevan We are always happy to help and advice taking the pain or doubt away from either doing your own conversion or just simply advise about our products and services, and we have a string of recommended traders that we deal with should you want something that we can’t offer Many thanks Jay. Titanium is stronger than your buddya€™s stainless steel cookset, and it weighs less than your other frienda€™s aluminum set.

And, theya€™re really going to turn green when it comes to cleanup; the silicon and ceramic non-stick coating makes cleaning easy, and ita€™s a healthier alternative than ingesting Teflon.

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