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Roughly 1 hour northeast of Aspen, this lovely guest ranch features lodge rooms and private cabins. Colorado's Frying Pan River, home to photo-worthy, trophy-sized brookies, cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout, sees more anglers per year than any other water in Colorado. Whether you're playing the upper river or the tailwater below Ruedi, all water is wadeable and loaded with fish. The Frying Pan River is one of the few rivers in the country where you can enjoy a grand slam without driving hundreds of miles. From the confluence with the Roaring Fork, anglers will find 14 miles of gold medal water along Frying Pan Road. Shopping, Nightlife and Sippin' LattesVisiting Aspen, Colorado has a special highlight - touring the downtown area of this marvelous mountain location.
Anglers flock to Basalt, where two notable trout streams provide challenging rainbow, brook and brown trout fishing year round. All our surrounding fly fishing rivers fish very well all year long, with very little pressure in any of the rivers. WINTER - Winter months often account for some of the year’s best fly fishing with the majority of big fish caught during this time.

SPRING - Spring is punctuated by the year’s first hatches of Blue Wing Olive and Caddis flies.
SUMMER - Summer delivers prolific insect hatches including the Green Drake mayfly from late June through September. FALL - Fall is when the crowds of summer are long gone and the fish begin to prowl with a heightened level of activity. One of the world’s most renowned tailwater fisheries, the Frying Pan River is located in Basalt, is known for its ease of wading, year-round hatches and trout that often exceed ten pounds. With over sixty miles of fishable water, the Roaring Fork River offers anglers superb wade and float fishing opportunities from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. Just a short 20 minute drive from Basalt, The Colorado is often the river the guides fish on their off-days as no other river offers more mystery and magic than the Colorado. Looking of for a local Fly Fishing Guide to show you around Basalt’s Gold Medal Waters? All four major trout species, brookies, rainbows, cutthroat and browns, call the river home. Above the reservoir is wide open with miles of the "Pan" and a number of good feeder creeks.

The Fryingpan River, particularly the section below the Ruedi Reservoir dam, produces trout as heavy as 10 pounds. The trout move from the deep glides and pools of winter to the riffles and pocket water to feed more openly for longer periods of time. This freestone gem offers everything from classic dry fly slicks to pocket water and everything in between. Significant elevation changes in the course of the Roaring Fork River create the rapids that give the river its name. If there is a season that is favored by the many of the local fishing guides, it would be the fall.

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