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If you plan to cook soup, stew, or any other type of one pot meal over an open fire, a campfire tripod is a must have accessory for your next camping trip. If you take your campfire cooking seriously and are looking for a gadget you can use as a grill and a holder for your pots, the Quad Pod Campfire Grill might be the perfect choice for you. If you love the taste of rotisserie cooked chicken or other foods, consider adding an open fire rotisserie and spit grill to your collection of camping supplies.
A hinged camp cooker is a terrific tool for preparing toast or grilled cheese sandwiches over an open campfire.
If you plan to enjoy the company of your friends and family members while roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over an open fire, be sure to include several camping forks in your stockpile of campfire cooking equipment and supplies. A long handled grill basket is a terrific tool for cooking both meats and vegetables over a campfire.
We are certainly proud to stock some of the finest ingredients and cookware in the world from countries such as Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, we are prouder still to offer such a wide variety from our own backyard. Many of the products in our exclusive ‘The Essential Ingredient’ range, including our extra virgin olive oil, verjuice, lentils, preserved lemons, peppercorns and jams, are sourced from Australian producers, selected by us for their commitment to quality. Our shelves are also brimming with selections from many of Australia’s most highly regarded manufacturers.
Maggie Beer’s popular range can also be found at The Essential Ingredient, including her iconic quince paste, verjuice, and vino cotto. The Passion Pasta range is produced in Australia from 100% Australian durum wheat semolina, while Coriole olives are grown in South Australia for their extra virgin olive oils and kalamata packaged olives.
For a truly Australian experience, The Essential Ingredient’s range of native Australian foods provide a taste of the bush to your kitchen creations. Whether you’re keen to create a new Australian dish or simply want use the best Australian produce in your internationally-inspired cooking, The Essential Ingredient is proud to be Australian, and proud to support Australian producers. If you talk with any "old timers" most will tell you that cast iron and steel is best seasoned over an open fire. They are right! But if you feel more comfortable pre-seasoning your cookware below are some helpful hints . We honor filmmakers, writers & composers who actively increase awareness, provide multiple viewpoints and address complex social issues.
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Don't miss reading great filmmaking & writing articles written by pros exclusively for Moondancers. Moondance International Film Festival is now fully active for this season’s call for entries. Be sure to pack the right type of campfire cooking equipment for the types of meals that you are planning to prepare.
This piece of equipment allows you to safely and easily position a kettle at the ideal height over your campfire. Whether you enjoy cooking on a grill or over an open campfire, this versatile item is a great choice. Be sure that you have access to plenty of dry wood and a supply of matches or some other type of fire starter.
While, as Australians, we may not boast a clearly defined national cuisine, we are endlessly fortunate to have such broad access to the dishes, techniques and ingredients of so many varied cultures.
The Malouf Middle Eastern spice range, Murray River Gourmet Salt, Zimmy’s horseradish, Greenwheat Freekeh and honey from Cabonne Country Honey and the Tasmanian Honey Company are only a few of the local names we are proud to stock.
Kakadu plums, rosella, lemon myrtle, mountain pepper berry, wattleseed, yakajirri and more can be found on our shelves.
Your bacon may stick a little on the first use but you will find that the more you cook on it the more seasoned it will get.
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Wildlife counts will be used to leverage more local and national support for a community-based conservancy next to the reserve. Cast iron pots and Dutch ovens are perfect outdoor cooking vessels for baked beans, side dishes, and main courses that require simmering. After cooking a meal scrape off any leftover food, DON'T WASH IT!, if it appears dry looking wipe it down with shortening or cooking oil and let it cool. You’ll get the chance to win incredible prizes – all while making an elephant-sized difference for wildlife! Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip!
My griddle stays in a chuck wagon trailer that we use for camping and it is NOT cool or dry. At your next meal just place the griddle over the fire, heat it up, wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel, and start cooking again. We are trying to raise $250,000 on INDIEGOGO to produce the webseries and we need your help. When you raise $30, you’ll receive our t-shirt; raise more to earn great fundraising prizes!
We have used a set a local person made for us 30 years ago and use it even though we have a fifth wheel camper as we cook all our food on the fire.

Your set seems to be stronger, heavier, and better than ours and can't wait for them to use it next summer. I don't mean I leave food on it or anything like that, I just simply leave a coating of grease on it and clean it on the next trip. I don't have rust or sticking problems.What about the rack?We've been using our rack and griddle for over 20 years.
When you season your griddle, you are preventing rust and providing the cookware with a natural, permanent non-stick surface.
Remember: Seasoning takes time and repeated use before a griddle or pan develops the shiny, black surface like your grandmother's cast iron cookware.
Once the griddle is seasoned, routine washing can almost always be done with a scouring pad, but not steel wool or anything else that will damage the seasoning. Despite many recommendations to the contrary, a little mild soap, or lye soap, won't erase the seasoning.
Your griddle can rust of course, but never if you dry it after washing and keep it out of rain and floods.
Your griddle is stored and shipped with a shortening coating on the cooking surface and then a light plastic wrap is placed over it. If you desire to season your griddle at home before going camping preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place aluminum foil on a baking sheet and put on bottom shelf of oven to catch any drippings. After washing the griddle, dry thoroughly, then spray lightly withvegetable oil, (Pam, for example), wipe with a paper towel, and store.7. Follow these simple steps and your Steelman Griddle can last a lifetime.Is seasoning a one-step process?
There will probably be times when you forget and leave the griddle to close to the fire and it will get too hot.
You'll know this because there will be areas on the cooking surface that have a dull and dry look to it.
If you use your griddle often you will see that the bottom will tend to season itself over the fire.What if my griddle is too large to fit in my oven for seasoning? If your griddle is too large to fit in your oven to season, you can use an outdoor grill, either charcoal or gas.
When using a charcoal grill, put the charcoal in the grill as you normally would to begin grilling, light the coals and place your oiled griddle on the grilling surface of the grill. When using a gas grill, turn the temperature between 400 and 500 degrees F and place the oiled griddle on the grilling surface.

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