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The highest level of quality delivered by Calphalon Cookware is that of the Hard Anodized Calphalon.
Though normal Calphalon is amongst the most durable and long lasting types of cookware, some people have turned to Hard Anodized Calphalon as their Calphalon Cookware Sets. When making Hard Anodized Calphalon Cookware, the metal is still subjected to a bath of chemicals. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
I have several other hard-anodized Calphalon pots--love them--and wanted a shallow sauce pan to complete the set. I love this brand of cookware and with the prompt service from Cookware King (Tim) the whole experience was excellent.
If you are like me and hate the waste of throwing away another nonstick pan every year, this might be the pan you are looking for.

Nearly every piece of Calphalon is made of anodized aluminum, but the process can be fine tuned to make the coating even more resistant and non-stick. The bath, however, will run longer and use a different type of solution in order bolster the strength of the protective coating. The handle is a little smaller than my previous model, but the surface seems to be a bit better. You can always find an affordable price through our links, so learning where to make your purchase and which particular type should be an easy process. Each piece of Calphalon is treated to a chemical bath which leaves a protective coating on the surface, though Hard Anodized Calphalon is subject to a slightly different process. Commercial kitchens have begun to incorporate these pieces into their stock, as professional chefs instantly realize the quality there in. Has a lifetime guarantee and the one I had previously I sent in after about 6 years and received a new one (no questions), but with all my use I felt bad about sending it in again for a replacement - so bought a new one.

The improved process will keep your Calphalon safe over the years, and will even prevent any pitting from highly acidic foods such as tomato sauce. This is my favorite pan of all and I don't hesitate to recommend it to all of the other gourmets out there! The price on Hard Anodized Calphalon may sometimes run high, but the investment is well worth it to anyone who wants to keep their meals great and their bellies full.
On the other hand, the anodized finish will last for years, rather than the one-year use of a sprayed-on finish. And you don't have to use a plastic spatula, and you don't have to worry about eating the finish!

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