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Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. Its that time of the year when every household is all geared up for some spring cleaning, hence its time for new clothes in our wardrobes, new wares in our kitchen and a fresh new outlook towards life! The 7-piece non-stick cookware set boasts of every kind of cookware predominantly used in the kitchen for a variety of cooking. The Branded Set of 7 Pieces Non Stick Cookware is an absolute value-for-money deal that boxes in all the typically used pieces of cookware, and essentially saves you the hassle of individually hunting for various cooking vessels for your kitchen. This 7 pcs Non Stick Cookware was gifted to me by my sister and I am really thankful for gifting me this 7 pcs non stick cookware.
Includes one 6" saucepan, one 7" saucepan and one 8" saucepan, all with glass lids with venting holes. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.

If replacing all the old and worn out cooking pots and pans in your kitchen with brand-spanking new ones has been on your mind for quite some time, the Branded Set of 7 Pieces Non Stick Cookware remains a must-buy for you!
It brags of a sleek Dosa Tawa which is great for making all sorts of pancakes using negligible oil. Also, the value pricing makes this one an ideal high-utility gift for loved ones this festive season! Whether I want to prepare dosa or chapatti, I prepare it all with help of dosa tawa and chapatti tawa. These are made from aluminum sheet & coated with dual layer highly durable and reinforced non stick coating for strength and durability. Thoughtfully assorted to include all the commonly used wares in the modern-day kitchen, the set helps you do all your daily cooking in an absolutely healthy fashion using minimal oil. Also, the set comes with a Chapatti Tawa to help you make soft and fluffy rotis in a jiffy.

The Nonstick Cookware Set comprises cookware crafted from a sturdy aluminum sheet and coated with a steadfast dual-layer-reinforced non-stick coating, thus ensuring a protracted shelf life.
In addition, it comprises a fry pan which is ideal for cooking functions like stir-fry and shallow-fry.
Furthermore, the set comes with a Deep Fry Pan, a Multi Pan and a Tadka Pan to cater to varying cooking requirements.
As a thoughtful addition, the set packs in complimentary pieces of Wooden Spatula (3 pieces) to keep your cookware free of scratches, and Cookware Cleaner (7 pieces) to keep the dishes squeaky clean and shining always!

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