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Enameled ceramic cookware is made by coating a layer of enamel on a metal body, usually cast iron.
The ceramic cookware is easier to clean up with soap, sponge and water without the need of any hard scrubbing or soaking them overnight. If you buy your cookware made by a reliable manufacturer, the ceramic coating is safe for health. During the glazing process, the lead is carefully sealed in the first firing leaving no chance of harmful health problems. The good ceramic cookware is designed for easy handling, even heat distribution with thick bottoms, non-stick cooking and easy cleanup. If you do not buy a good quality and go to any cheap source, it will first look great, but it may soon end up with a chipped nonstick coating, loose handles, getting harder to clean and so on. You must look for the safer options than the aesthetic value or the price of ceramic cookware.
About a year ago, I acquired a second Lodge dutch over with the same ceramic enamel finish.

I am definitely not an expert, but just from looks, the ceramic enamel coating on a cast iron pan or pot is far better than the clay coating that is used on the thinner aluminum pans.
Callum Meagher is a recent grad from culinary school and fell in love with ceramic cookware while helping friends start up a mobile restaurant (a food truck). The Clay based coating is light weight and usually done on aluminum, but this ceramic ware is more prone to chipping or breakage. The enameled ceramic cookware has a porcelain glaze that is resistant to very high temperatures and can withstand chipping and breaking. However, if the lead is not properly sealed, it can be extremely harmful as the cracking or chipping of the cookware may expose the food to lead. You can fry potatoes, onions, eggs, chicken, plantains, sauteed mushrooms and more with no oil and all without sticking. The ceramic cookware has an advantage over the metal pots as you can safely store the food in them.
Even if you baby them, the coating wears off quickly, leaving you with a pan to throw away.

Their non-porous structure leaves little scope for the food to react to content of cookware. Check reviews from ACTUAL USERS who have used on DAILY and have owned one for MORE THAN A FEW MONTHS, and you will find they perform horribly.
The only people stating it lasts are people who 1) rarely use it, 2) limit its use to low-temperature cooking, 3) have not owned it very long, or 4) get paid by cookware companies and are telling falsehoods.
I mean, think about it… why would the vast majority of reviews from actual cooks who used one daily and did so for months with proper care and without limitation to just low-temperature invariably report the coating to wear off and the pans to stick within just a few months of use? Unless you have an endless budget to constantly replace ceramic cookware every six months, it is not practical and therefore a failure. Even Hugh Rushing of the Cookware Manufacturers Association states that a non-stick pan used daily should last at least three years.

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