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Ideally, I'd like to produce potatoes that are crispy and golden brown on the outside, fully cooked and soft on the inside, and not excessively oily. At least where I come from, hashbrowns are by definition grated; anything else is homefries, and the technique is different. Basically, to get everything nice and brown and crispy, you need enough space for all of the steam to escape. So, either work in smaller batches, or consider recipes that use an oven -- using sheet pans instead of a pan on the stove solves much of the problem. One other trick is that most diners don't start from raw potatoes -- maybe with hash browns, but not for home fries, you're not going to get the nice soft interior in a reasonable amount of time unless you start with a potato that's already been baked or boiled. Great point on not crowding the pan, I went to edit that into my answer after re-reading it, came back and yours was much more thorough :) Also, +1 from me for the oven idea. With respect to starting from raw - you can really help yourself out by pre-cooking in the microwave before you brown in the pan.
Cubed seems to work better than slices if you parboil, though you can get a similar result if you increase the temp when you fry them a little.
For best results I find that bacon fat is king, and butter runs a close second, but I've done it in olive oil and grape seed oil (both much healthier!) with success as well. Russet works fine for me, but I think you could use just about anything as long as you parboil.

After parboiling and cubing, you want the heat in the pan to be at least medium high, if not high.
Diners have a different set of constraints than you: they want to dump a big pile of potatoes on the griddle at 5am and keep serving from the same pile until 10.
I experimented with Hashbrowns (I assume this is what you are talking about) for a while having much the same problems you did, and found the best technique involves grating into a clean tea towel, then wrapping tightly to squeeze the water out and then adding grated onion. I put home fries through the grating blade of my food processor or through the julienne setting of my mandolin.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged frying potatoes or ask your own question. This is one of my families favourite trout recipes, and real luxury, rich treat of a dish that is sure to impress your dinner guests.
One key is to rinse after grating really well (supposedly this gets rid of starches and from my experience, helps so that the final result isn't mushy).
I know I usually have a couple layers, and try to stir; I should've known that was the culprit! Classic Belgian 'Pomme Frites" are first blanched in oil, then the temp is turned up and then they are crisped. If I happen to have pre-cooked potatoes (usually leftovers from previous dinner) when I will make large cubes.

This technique, which I learned from my mom, involves no flipping and is guaranteed to give you perfect over medium eggs. We started the blog to show the world what the fly over states have to offer by featuring the best travel, eats and drinks in the Midwest. The tastiness comes from all the bacon fat they keep scraping over from the bacon area to the potatoes area.
I will blot them with a paper towel, and even toss a small bit of potato starch on them (I'm sure corn starch would work well too).
Here you will find recipes from our kitchen, stories from our travels, restaurant reviews, favorite breweries and more!
Cut them, put them in a bowl with a little bit of extra water and some butter, cover it so they don't dry out. The following ingredients list is ideal for 2 cleaned and gutted rainbow trout of about 2lb each in weight (pre-gutting weight).

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