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Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. Our original recipe is a common, basic method using prepackaged soup broth or bullion cube. Zebra Thailand designs cookware that is made to last for decades, using the very best materials.
We are a direct importer and able to offer for a price that is lower than you may expect for such high quality cookware.
Wai Wai instant noodle, Minced Pork Tom Yum Flavor, beats Mama if you like a great sour flavor.
Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, salt, artificial pork flavor, dried chives, garlic powder, chilli powder, citric acid, msg, lime flavor.

We special-ordered hundreds of this knife for a food processor with hundreds of employees cutting fresh vegetables. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website. To make a simple broth for Tom Kha, put a carrot, half stalk celery, one medium chopped onion, perhaps a half cup of chopped daikon, and a few cloves of fresh garlic, into a pot of water. Used extensively in Thailand by street vendors, you can cook in the pan on your stove top, or also put already cooked food into the pan for keeping and serving. There is a nice wide rim around the pot for easy carrying, and the lid has a unique sophisticated appearance as shown. Seafood is an important part of the Thai diet, and here we take you on a journey to the shores of Chonburi, on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard.

Containing stainless steel alloy, it contains at least 11.5 percent chromium and blends of other metals. Simmer for an hour or so and you have a good broth, to be used in place of the 16 oz broth mentioned in recipe.

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