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PVA is a better choice for archeological ceramic, bones or wood mainly because the repaired surface is required to be untreated or untouched. Resin epoxies are a better choice for all nonporous materials and porous materials that require complete restoration (fillers and coloring). 2) The gluing job can be reversible meaning, the glue will remain soluble and can be easily removed from a repaired subject later and be ready for re-gluing.
1) Almost all will yellow with time and can be an issue with restoration that does not require color re-finishing.

The bonding principal of PVA is that it soaks into porous materials such as old ceramic, bones, wood, etc. However, epoxies are occasionally required by conservators because nothing else has the needed bonding strength. For best adherence strength and longevity, use the proper PVA viscosity (V15 or V25 for porous ceramic). Either choice can be selected depending on your objective and the material of the repaired item.

Resin epoxies are a better choice for all cases where the repair can be hidden and the only good choice for nonporous materials such as high fired ceramic, metals, glass, etc.

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