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I used an earlier non-stick version of the 10-piece set for six years aboard Que Tal and loved it.  It meets all my criteria for great boat cookware. For those who don’t want nonstick, the Magma set comes in a regular version as well, with the same heavy-duty stainless and removable handles. Unfortunately, the Fagor 16-piece set seems to have been discontinued but if it becomes available, I’ll post a link.
UPDATE: I just got an e-mail from the owner of Galleyware — they bought a limited number of the Fagor 16-pc. The main concern with nonstick teflon is actually the harmful particles and gases it emits when heated. I knew when I recommended nonstick pans that some people would not like nonstick, and that’s why I offered the plain set as an alternative. One thing I have to disagree on is your concern that stainless takes more effort to clean and uses more water.
Carolyn, I have had the replacement handles for about 18 months now and they are still working like new. Hi Carolyn, I gave the Magma nesting regular cookware set to my partner Ian for Christmas. Amazon also had the last of the Stow-8 sets and they just sold out about a week ago so looks like they’re not available anywhere now. I purchased the magma stainless nesting pans I know there must be a learning curve with cooking with stainless pans.
You mentioned you have an expensive titanium non stick skillet, but no other mention is made. I got a set of Ezistore Stackable 10pc Stainless Steel Cookset through Target and I really like them. No, I haven’t written one up, mainly because everyone has different preferences and needs (a single weekender vs. Funny but I was just about to call my bro when I saw your note, so I asked him if they’d ever had one crack.

Since the Magma set is stainless under the ceramic, there wouldn’t be anything bad that could migrate from the metal if the ceramic did crack so the pan would still be usable (always a concern when on a boat and possibly in a remote location).
I use a Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker that has a shallow frying pan shape, and a 1950’s Revere Ware copper bottom 2 quart saucepan with double boiler insert and lid, and a 8 quart clad bottom stainless blancher. It's an estate lot, and we've tried to do our best to get these pieces matched up correctly - all lids do fit tightly, and the egg poacher seems to perfectly fit the pan as we've shown it. All of these pieces have been used, and all show some scratching and wear, especially to the old black bakelite handles. It sounds worse than it looks, these are good, old-fashioned well made pots and pans for everyday use.
Pans can take an inordinate amount of space in a boat kitchen.  These take up a space about 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches high, due to the nesting design and the fact that the handles are removable.
Multifunctional Cookware sets that were privately branded for Rapid Chef as a closeout special. I have yet to use a set (and as a delivery skipper I handle a lot of disparate cookware) that feels as stable as real cookware.
A good quality stainless set with heavy bottoms (I have Lagostina) is remarkably easy and fast to clean.
I was wondering if you had any insight on the pluses and minuses of this set over the regular set of the magma pans? I got some discounted fleece at a fabric store and cut it into squares, then used the squares between pans (also to quiet various things).
He said they’ve had the pans about 7 years now and no cracks yet, and the big one has been dropped in the sink a couple of times. Most of these have a stainless exterior although there is also a gorgeous blue exterior available on some.
On Auspicious I still use the Farberware cookware I bought when I graduated from college, a Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker, a Swiss-Diamond deep skillet and some odds and ends of conventional saute pans.
I have one non-stick pan and I find I spend more time and water trying to remove the oily layer from this pan than to clean my stainless pans.

We both enjoy using this cookware, and because we sail a 21 foot trailable yacht, the space it takes up is minimal.
No matter what I try, everything I cook in the skillet sticks and creates a cleaning nightmare. I did have my cast iron dutch oven too, but I wasn’t using it much so I have taken it off the boat. You can look at the things I’ve written about in Outfitting and I’ve put a list of the essentials in New and Overwhelmed? We are going to be living aboard our boat, and I’m worried they will crack if they fall or are dropped. Magma, Cristel and Galleyware, and was wondering if you’ve had a chance to use each and what your thoughts are?
I have not used the ceramic nonstick set — one reader reported that they got it and loved it.
We will be moving on to a keeler in about a year and the cookware will go with us.Initially I was hesitant to trust the handles, but they are fine. If you’re thinking of getting the stainless pans, read how you can make them nonstick here. The ceramic coating is fairly non-stick without being fussy with utensils and no chemical worries.
Since they are cast iron, they’re heavy, but I like that because they are very stable when cooking underway.

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