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This is such a cute product it really adds style to my house and table when i have company over. My husband and I bought this to heat water for our French press and heating water for soups and teas. I have done a lot of research on stove top kettles and electric kettles before purchasing this tea kettle.
I just love this kettle.It heats up faster It only took few minutes to heat up and I like that it automatically turns off. This kettle includes a cordless base that rotates 360 degrees for easy maneuvering and dry boil protection for your safety. It is great quality, easy to clean, heats up quickly (although there are no temperature adjustments), and it seems pretty durable. I use it daily for tea, instant oatmeal, and to make coffee in my french press, it is so convenient.
Its concealed heating element and cord storage provides a space saving design that reduces clutter. I don't know exactly how many servings it makes of tea, but I know it probably makes about 5 or 6 cups easily.

It is quite heavy so it may not be the best gift for the elderly or those that have issues lifting heavy objects. Plug it in, add water to the pot and flip the switch, in a matter of seconds you have very hot water. I love the secure lid, I can only imagine the disasters I would have if the lid came off easily. The water comes to a full boil within minutes if you don't fill it to the maximum fill line.
The automatic shut off is the best feature and with it being ceramic the kettle stays warm long after is has been shut off, I can come back for a second cup of tea a half hour later and it is still warm. I would definitely recommend this kettle, although it is a little hefty so if you have carpal tunnel or probably even arthritis you might consider a lighter product.
A lot of people complain that it is on the heavier side, well yes because it is ceramic and well made! I can see how this would be super practical for college students for tea, instant coffee, hot cocoa, and even Ramen noodles. The lid really stays securely on so you don't have to worry about it falling off when you are pouring the water which is nice although the handle and lid stay cool enough to handle you probably do not want to touch the sides or the spout as they can be pretty hot.

Thanks for making such beautiful kitchen appliances at affordable prices, I will continue to be a repeat costumer! It sounds like a pot of boiling water, it makes a noise, yes, but its not as noisy as a stove top kettle. The only con that i can think of is that you can't adjust the temperature if you want to make particular kinds of tea that may require different temperatures. Also it is a little bit on the heavier side as compared to a metal kettle, so if you want something lightweight this may not be for you. I want to thank Bellahousewares for making me a Bella Ambassador and giving me a chance to review this product for free.

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