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The new product line, which has been designed in close collaboration with Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s hit reality TV series, Cake Boss, was unveiled at the 2013 International Home & Housewares Show (IHHS) in Chicago.
This was the biggest launch event of this year’s Housewares Show with receptions, interviews and interactive demonstrations by Buddy Valastro and his family. The comprehensive product assortment includes quality items crafted from metal, wood, ceramic, melamine, silicone, stoneware, and other materials.
In total, more than 200 Cake Boss items will be offered to provide home bakers with every product necessary to help inspire, create, store and serve desserts that look like they came straight out of Carlo’s Bakery. In metal bakeware – the brand’s core product category – five collections will be offered, including four constructed of durable carbon steel with nonstick, and a fifth collection of professional quality aluminized steel with nonstick. Positioning itself as a brand niche in baking with a full spectrum of baking-related accessories not easily found with other brands, the new Cake Boss line offers a broad range of cake icing and fondant decorating tools. During the exclusive press tour hosted by the Cake Boss himself, one sensed the true passion he has for baking and just as important his dedication to family. First hand experience testimonials by several Meyer employees and in-booth decorating demonstrations by Buddy’s own 9 year old daughter were provided as examples of how simple it is to create eye popping cakes and treats with Cake Boss brand tools. Often times celebrity product lines are slightly altered kitchen standards coupled with a splashy endorsement, but the Cake Boss line of bakeware contains elements as unique as the man himself.
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I saw Buddy baked a dish with egg plant and parmazaan chees (the one his gran use to make).

The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner. BakingFor making cakes (and memories)Delicious smells, a warm kitchen and homemade bread or chocolate cake to look forward to. With this Adjustable Bakeware Organizer Rack, your baking pots and pans will have an easily accessable home.
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Aiming at home baking enthusiasts of every skill level, the new Cake Boss line features more than 20 collections, including metal bakeware, cooling racks, prep and baking accessories, baking tools and gadgets, decorating tools for icing and fondant, cookie cutters, display and serving ware, gift-ready cake and dessert sets, and more. Inspired by Buddy’s approachable and effusive personality, each product in the Cake Boss line is designed to transform the home baker into a “star” in his or her own kitchen.
Buddy’s upbringing in a close knit family provided many fond memories of the whole family being together in the kitchen. It will be interesting to see how the public responds to the call of this sugar and flour pied piper.
Our flexible SOCKERKAKA baking range allows your cakes to be easily released from the mould and can be used time and time again. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

The chefmate nonstick bakeware set has two 9" round cake pans, an 11" x 7" cake pan, a 13" x 9" biscuit brownie pan and a 15" x10" cookie sheet. And with the right tools like non-stick moulds and dishwasher-safe bowls, you’re all set to mix, bake, decorate and eat! Adjust this bakeware organizer to hold a variety of bakeware items like cake pans, cupcake trays, or cookie sheets.
Each of the 5 pieces of this bakeware set has a nonstick coating that allows for easy food release and effortless cleanup.
The pan storage rack can be mounted in two different positions - either horizontally or vertically which keeps your storage options open. And we would offer OEM services for all customers in the range of bakelite, plastic products, rubber products, hardware products. If you need excellent products and to control the cost of produce, please give us one chance.
And if possible, we could design the new handles for you according to your requirement as per our powerful R&D ability.

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