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An Asian Hot Pot is a traditional Chinese meal (apparently popular in the winter), in which a pot of simmering broth is kept in the middle of the table, while various food items are held in the broth until cooked. I really enjoy making traditional fondue since it is a fun way to engage my kids in a meal. So, I decided to attempt a healthier variation by creating an Asian Hot Pot in our fondue pot. I also boiled the noodles ahead of time and left them in a colander in the sink so I didn’t have to worry about it at dinnertime. We tried to use the chopsticks to hold the vegetables in the broth, but it was a complete failure. When all the vegetables were almost gone, we ladled out broth into soup bowls, poured in the rest of our dipping sauce, added the rest of the vegetables and the beef, put in some noodles and sprinkled green onions over the top. About Latest Posts Nadine ChampsiI am a doctor turned write-at-home-mom who runs the Pittsburgh Mommy Blog and is editor of Kidsburgh.
Transfer the broth to your hot pot and wait for it to boil again then start adding your meats and vegetables.

If your out of high school smoking weed still, you're a loser and should be cleansed from society. Here i have some cabbage, watercress, spinach, chrysanthemum leaves, seafood mix, beef and some left-over grilled chicken from Chinese take-out the night before.
Once it’s broken, turn on the heat and add the BBQ sauce, satay sauce, chicken stock, water, and the soda.
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If anything it's that attitude that keeps marijuana illegal and wastes more of our money enforcing it. My interests include cooking, green-living, gardening, being in the outdoors, listening to great music, checking out the city's cool art, coming up with creative things to do with my kids, and having as many adventures as I can! I did not provide measurements because the flavor will depends on what type of liquid you are using.

For example, if you are using Coco Rico it has a sweetness flavor already so you might want to cut down on adding sugar. In addition you can also add a combination of water, chicken stock, Coco Rico, or your choice of beer. But it does add another layer of rich flavor to the broth so I usually have it available as well.
I made a very big pot of broth because I plan to freeze and enjoy the other half at a later time. Hot Pot is also a great way to to clear out your fridge by using up your meats and vegetables.

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