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Buyers often wonder what is the difference between the Calphalon Contemporary and Tri-Ply Stainless Steel cookware. For the 8-piece set, you will not have the chef’s casserole, saute pan and 12-inch frying pan.
The Contemporary Stainless Steel is a tri-ply cookware with a layer of heavy gauge aluminum in between two layers of stainless steel.
The lids are made of tempered glass with stainless steel rims and they also have a slight dome shape.
Solid and durable – The 13-piece set has a shipping weight of 37 pounds as listed on Amazon. Handles stay cool – The handles for the pans are cool enough to touch if the right sized burner is used. Made in China – Some online retailers that have the origin information listed have mentioned this set as manufactured in China.
If you want a stainless steel cookware that look good in your kitchen, then the Calphalon Contemporary would be an ideal choice.
But if you are just looking for a quality cookware, the Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel set would be just a s good and it is selling for less. For the best results possible, you must have the right equipment, and the Calphalon 1767728 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 5 qt.
Stock Pot with Lid is a must-have for any ambitious home cook who wants to emulate modern chefs and restaurants. It has a brushed steel exterior which is better at hiding stains and other signs of wear and tear compared to a polished finish.

The Contemporary is one of the few that tries a little harder to incorporate some style into its pots and pans with its flared tulip shape and curved handles so that they look good for a modern kitchen. Not many people will be happy to know that a high end cookware set like the Calphalon Contemporary is China-made. Although there is a discount of 17%, it still costs over $400 for this cookware, double that of the Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad. After all, many people are willing to pay more for style if they know that the product will perform as expected. The only differences are the style and a slightly smaller stockpot for the 13-piece package. Saute Pan with Lid is just that, with a three-layer design for perfect heat distribution and retention. This stock pot is the perfect size for home use, but large enough to prepare enough stock for a couple weeks. The pieces also have a sleek and modern styling with a slightly curved shape that they will look good enough to present on the dining table. The set is both dishwasher and oven safe although the lids can only withstand a maximum of 450°F.
Even the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro 12-Piece set only has a shipping weight of 22 pounds, much lighter than the Contemporary. However, to be fair, its origin has not affected the high ratings given by the majority of its buyers who feel that it is a high quality cookware set. And for this price, you can also buy the All Clad Master Chef 2 Tri-Ply Bonded 8-Piece Cookware set.

Overall, Calphalon stainless steel line is an alternative to the more expensive All Clad and if the latter is your goal, Calphalon is a worthy substitute with its solid pieces. The lid is tempered and safe to 450 degrees F, while the pan is safe for the oven and broiling.
Long handles stay cool on the stovetop and the design is surprisingly lightweight for its size and heft. There are both manufactured using the same technology, giving buyers the same durability and quality. If used correctly, stainless steel cookware is not as sticky as many tend to think and as such, cleaning is also not as difficult as anticipated.
Of course, the prices could change over time, but the point is for $400 and more, the options are aplenty. Based in Toledo, Ohio, Calphalon is a leading manufacturer of professional quality cookware, cutlery, bakeware, and kitchen accessories for the home chef.
Calphalon is a Newell-Rubbermaid company.Calphalon's goal is to give you, the home chef, all the tools you need to realize your highest potential in the kitchen.
From your holiday roasting pan to your everyday fry pan, count on Calphalon to be your culinary partner - day in and day out, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a lifetime.

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