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360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware is a beautiful line of 5-ply T304 surgical stainless steel cookware made in America by Americraft Cookware in West Bend, Wisconsin. 360 Cookware is waterless cookware that uses a revolutionary vapor lock technology that does not require any oil or fat for cooking, and instead uses just uses a few drops of water for healthy cooking. Just a quick turn of the lid before cooking locks in heat and moisture, so the food cooks in its own natural liquids and juices. This popular Waterless Cookware line locks in steam and the food’s own water and juices to heat the food and inject more flavor.
What makes Vapor Technology a revolutionary cooking method, is due in part to the unique design of the domed lid, which forms a tight seal around the lip of the pan, which locks in moisture and circulates the air around, under and over the food.
If it is important to you to save our precious natural resources, even when cooking healthy meals for your family as it is to the folks at Americraft Cookware,  then you can see how the energy usage graph below demonstrates how 360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware saves money, energy and the environment, making it the true green cookware. With energy reduction of routinely 200-600% and more, a 360 Cookware set is an easy, effortless way to effectively conserve natural resources and save money, while you prepare delicious and healthy food. 5-Ply 360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans, which are made with T-304 Surgical Stainless Steel, has a claded aluminum core, which is sandwiched between two pieces of stainless steel that runs from bottom and up the sides for even heat distribution.
As you know baking in the oven 350° – 475° F uses a lot of energy, including gas and electricity.

All pieces of 360 Cookware are made with ergonomic riveted on stay cool handles that will never fall off or come lose, and are designed to be perfectly balanced to prevent wrist or hand injury when using. Induction cookware has a magnetic field on the bottom, and the burner only turns on when the magnetic field on the burner comes in contact with the magnetic field on the bottom of the cookware. This unique waterless cookware is perfect for families with small children that like to touch everything in the kitchen. Since the warranty is logged in their database, keep the original receipt so when you hand down your 360 Cookware, so your family can enjoy it for their lifetime. If your Vapor Cookware® is damaged or destroyed by fire, abuse, accident, theft, or natural disaster, all original purchases may be replaced at 50% of the retail price at the time of replacement. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Tara Maginnis (of fame) putting makeup on herself as she talks and walks you through the process of becoming a character!
Metallurgists discovered aluminum is a great conductor of heat, but is too soft to be used for cookware, so by sandwiching the superior and efficient heat conductivity of aluminum between two pieces of sturdy stainless steel you end up with the perfect cookware, which is durable, sturdy, stain resistant and heats the bottom and sides efficiently.
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The next thing I tried was frozen black eyed peas and broccoli with very little water and they turned out great. I was browning chicken breasts for a recipe and accidently over cooked one side and they stuck to the pan.
I finally got the heat right and used very little water and trusted the cookware to do what it is supposed to. I just filled the pan with one inch of water, brought to boil and presto … wiped right out. There is a learning curve especially learning what works with my stove but I’m getting there.
I have two pieces and as soon as I can afford to, I will be adding another to my collection.

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