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The two stay-cool side handles make this steamer easy to transfer from stove to sink, to serving dish – and it’s more compact to store. Stainless steel handles stay cool to the touch and are riveted tightly to ensure durability and control. From cooking oatmeal at breakfast time to steaming vegetables and warming soups for lunch and dinner, you’ll want this pan at your fingertips. Whether serving your signature chili, a healthy quinoa salad, or a perfect rice pilaf to a more intimate group, this will be your go-to pan – every time.

This pan’s versatility will delight, whether boiling pasta or potatoes, perfectly heating soups and stews, or creating an exquisite coq au vin for family and friends. Enjoy healthy, fresh steamed vegetables with any meal, using this perforated-bottom stainless steel steamer. Place carrots in the steamer basket and place on bottom pot, cover and steam for 5 minutes; add the remaining vegetables and steam an additional 5 minutes.
To make sure they cook without overcooking, add the longer-cooking veggies first then the quicker-cooking veggies after a few minutes.

Unlike some steamers, this one fits so well onto the saucepan that you don’t have steam blowing out the sides.

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    Processed is an important consideration as nicely cookware from prime names hold a temperature to melt, simmer or boil.