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Hard anodized nonstick cookware offers the All-Clad guarantee of exceptional performance, quality and durability in the convenience of your home kitchen.
The pan's wider mouth allows for sauce reduction, while its curved sides allow for easy incorporation of ingredients.
The All-Clad Copper Core series features patented 5-ply bonded construction with a core of pure copper surrounded by two layers of aluminum to provide unparalleled heating control.The striking exterior of each piece presents a gleaming stainless steel surface with a dramatic cutaway to reveal a thin band of the inner copper.
The flared shape facilitates reduction of liquids and allows a whisk to easily reach the sides of the pan. To join, click "Add to Cart with FREE Two-Day Shipping" and confirm your Amazon Prime Free Trial sign-up during checkout. Important: Your card will NOT be charged when you start your Free Trial or if you cancel during the trial period.

At the end of the Free Trial, your membership will automatically upgrade to a full year for $79.
Preparing sauces, soups, and more has never been easier than with this saucier by All-Clad. Never worry about burnt sauce or flour in corners when whisking a roux; the shallow, rounded sides are perfect for whisking every inch of the panA’s cooking surface. If you don't do a lot of cooking, you may be able to get away with a few, inexpensive saucepans of varying sizes. We're getting married, and we're registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond for the usual housewares, but we need advice about cookware. We originally registered for a set, but we're thinking that we'd like fewer big-ticket items on our registry and more mid-level items.

My sql query is now pretty sophisticated, so if you're seeing this you most likely got a little manic trying to submit a comment that was tripping a filter. Saucier (often called a Chef's Pan), will let you quickly and evenly reduce sauces for maximum concentrated flavor. This update of All-Clad's popular Master Chef line features a polished handle and stainless interior that cleans up beautifully and won't react to food.

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