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28.06.2015 admin
I am by no means an expert on cookware, but damned if my Scanpan stuff isn’t coming with me to Canada. Went to the King of Knives under QVB looking for a decent quality cheapish knife and it’s what they recommended. All-Clad sauciers are approx $175 retail in the USA (usually you get them on sale though) but stupidly prohibitively expensive in Australia. I can scrub it to kingdom come with steel wool and it hardly scratches, just responds with a glaring shine!
All my kitchen stuff chugged from Sydney to San Francisco on the slowest boat ever – it took over three months for it to get here. Also excuse the bad bad photos – shiny things are hard to photograph at the best of times.

It allows me to do all those super heavy jobs that my failing strength means i cannot do anymore, (like heavy kneading) and also makes mousse a lightning fast pleasure rather than a tendom tearing two week chore. And it’s stainless steel so you can scrub it good, and it has a nice heavy base, and seems to heat very evenly. Try a small santoku shape knife for vegetable slicing, preferably something with the indentations down the side of the blade so moist food doesn’t stick while chopping. It can serve as a wok in a pinch, and it’s heavy enough to retain consistent heat for casseroles or gently simmered dishes.
All-Clad cookware is known for it’s durability, but I appreciate the engineering too. Besides for being butter warmer, this piece from All-Clad cookware is great for heating up soups, syrups, and sauces.

It’s deep enough to be a vessel for boiling eggs or potatoes, but shallow enough to serve as a frypan for searing hunks of meat.
Although here in New England, our favorite use for it is as a butter warmer for seafood and lobster!
It also bears all the regular hallmarks of a good quality pan – riveted handle, good quality stainless steel etc.

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