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Having been involved in the bridal registry space from a housewares standpoint for a long time now, I recognize how intimidating the walls of cookware in a store can be for someone unfamiliar with all the brands, sizes, styles and surfaces.
It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or registering for your wedding when it comes to evaluating what you need in your kitchen. As someone who has been in the housewares industry for 14 years and worked for a highly respected line of cookware, I get asked quite frequently what cookware homeowners should have in their kitchen. So, with the holiday season rapidly approaching and our time in the kitchen increasing, I thought this would be a good time to share my thoughts on the cookware pieces that are good to have in your kitchen.
When it comes to surfaces, I know most new home cooks like to use non-stick cookware for its easy clean up.
The best way I can explain the difference between using stainless cookware vs nonstick is in the outcome of the food you are cooking. It’s also good to mention the use of cast iron frying pans as they have been a staple in many kitchens (especially in the South) and are passed down from generation to generation. If you walk into any kitchen store, you are going to see an overwhelming variety of additional pieces to add to your cookware collection. The goal of this post is to give you suggestions of what cookware might be a good start for your own kitchens. My lack in cookware has definitely prevented me from cooking a lot of the things I want to cook. What a great post for beginners, or even the seasoned home cook who’s looking for a bit of inspiration.
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Calphalon Commercial Nonstick 12-Inch Omelet PanEvery kitchen needs several fry pans, in different sizes, preferably a couple should be non-stick. Save as much as 65% off every day prices on everything from the top selling All-Clad tea kettle to a pressure cooker or basic pans in the All-Clad copper core, hard anodized or stainless styles. When I talk with registrants about what cookware they are currently using, many times they tell me it is from college, their mom or a discount store.
By the way, if you are getting married and doing your bridal registry, this list is going to be very beneficial for you. Honestly though, nonstick should really only be used for preparing dishes that are either very low or no fat (eggs), delicate fish and pancakes. If you are cooking for larger crowds, adding 12” fry pans and a 6 quart saute pan are reasonable additions to your collection. The even, fast heating of anodized aluminum will prove invaluable when it comes to frying and sauteing, while the non-stick interior allows you to use minimal fat.
In a stainless pan, you will need to add a fat source like oil or butter to prevent the potatoes from sticking. If you invest in a quality pot, you are able to do so many more simmering dishes like meats that will cook slowly on low heat on your cooktop.
These pans can be used for everything from the Thanksgiving turkey to vegetables, Tuesday night’s chicken, potatoes, meats and fish. I would encourage you to do your research as cookware can be a major investment as I have said. Consider the kind of cooking you are doing now and whether the inventory you have helps you to achieve your cooking goals.

These pans are perfect for everyday cooking whether you are stir-frying vegetables, searing meats, making eggs and doing sauce reductions among thousands of other purposes.
If your intent is to keep the juices or liquids in the pan, then a saute pan with a lid is perfect for you.
Choosing cookware that is clad (meaning layers of metals sandwiched together with a core of aluminum) is a powerful resource in your kitchen as the cookware can go from stovetop to oven to table. When they say they love cooking, then I know we need to have a deeper discussion on their style of cooking and how many people they tend to cook for.
In terms of pan sizes, it depends a bit on how many people you cook for on a regular basis.
If you make the same hash browns in your nonstick pan, you will get a very nice caramel brown color but little to no crunch. That core of aluminum is your heating element helping to maintain a constant temperature in the pan from bottom to top.
No high heat required giving you more control over the doneness of your dish (and less burning!). However, once you start heating the contents of the pot, the glass will steam up, making it difficult to see inside.
Metal lids also help to maintain an even heat in the pot or pan where glass is not an efficient heat conductor.

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