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While the characteristics of a piece of cookware are determined in part by its shape and size, they are mainly determined by what the cookware is made of. Now as it happens, steel has excellent structural characteristics for cookware: it is strong and immune to the acids in many foods. By using clad "sandwiches" of materials to construct cookware, we get most or all of the heat-related virtues of copper or aluminum combined with the structrual advantages of stainless steel. When we first began reviewing cookware, we started to make a list of known induction-ready clad cookware lines--but we quickly abandoned that effort, because the list was becoming comically and tediously long, yet would obviously still be far from all-inclusive.
One useful resource, Consumer Search's Cookware review, does just what we were engaged in doing, "meta-reviewing": it's a review of cookware reviews, so to speak. Our own conclusions, after reviewing those sources--and quite a number of others--is that when push comes to shove, All-Clad is the winner, the end. Actually, these days saying "All-Clad" no longer suffices: where once only their "Stainless" line was induction-ready, they niow have three lines that are each induction ready. One big point to keep firmly in mind is that their "Stainless" line is considered dishwasher-safe, whereas for the "d5" and "Copper Core" lines All-Clad urgently recommends hand-washing only (it's apparently a matter of preserving the finish). Broadly speaking, because copper has very high heat conductivity, cookware of it or including it tends to heat up very quickly and also to cool down very quickly, but to not hold heat much; obviously, a layer in cladding is a different proposition from an all-copper item, but that is its tendency, and user reports seem to validate that.
All-Clad is not inexpensive; the classic "Stainless" line is costly, and the new "d5" and "Copper Core" lines even more so.
Here it is: the list of All-Clad Stainless-Steel cookware, with details, current (never over a day old) best prices from Amazon and other vendors selling through Amazon, and a chance to review all such offers and buy the one of your choice. The prices shown in green are each the lowest total-cost costs: that means the nominal price plus any shipping costs (a lot of vendors, in and out of Amazon, lowball on prices and make it up on killer shipping charges).
Our listings are assembled on the basis of All-Clad's item numbers; the descriptions you see are as supplied by the individual sellers, which is why they often differ a bit even between very similar items.

Finally, note that clicking on a "buy" link does not immediately buy the item: it takes you to an Amazon page showing all the sale offers for the item. Back in the Fall, I did a little project with the folks at All-Clad, in which they sent me the NS1 Chef’s Pan from their their new line of NS1 Nonstick Induction cookware and I used it to make a batch of really delicious (and totally vegan, to boot) batch of Kabocha Squash, Coconut, and Wild Rice Stew. It was a fun project, because it made think outside of my normal patterns, and I got to play with a really fabulous pan (that Chef’s Pan has become my go-to for batches of homemade fried rice.
Just to refresh our memories, this line of All-Clad is made from anodized aluminum, has a sturdy three-layer PFOA-free nonstick interior, and is induction-compatible thanks to steel base that also helps prevent warping. You could even drop a blossom trivet in the bottom and use it as a medium-sized canning pot. I’ve had this pot in my kitchen for about three weeks now and have come to appreciate its form and function a great deal.
Having a sturdy stock pot that holds a third less that my other pots means that I end up making a more reasonable volume of stock, which is nice. I know that it’s traditional to serve tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, but I tend to prefer an open-face sandwich and so opt for cheesy toast instead. If I used roasted tomatoes from my summer stash in the freezer instead, about how many should I use?
Up until a few years ago I had only had canned tomato soup and it just never tasted yummy to me, too sugary, too fake. Food is love, when I cook for my family it’s love in a pot and this pot would be fabulous!
I make a lovely tomato and cabbage soup, seasoned with carmalized onions and garlic and lots of fresh rosemary. This pot would be perfect for my basic Marinara sauce from either fresh or home canned summer tomatoes.

The stock pot has relatively narrow base and tall sides, which makes it ideal for making stock, soup, simmering beans, or even poaching whole chickens (something people just don’t do enough). Currently, the NS1 Nonstick Induction line is available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma and this stock pot sells for $179.95. Every other stock pot I own holds 12 quarts or more, which means that when I make stock, I can’t help but make a lot (I know I could fill up the pot less, but that just never seems to happen). There was a moment when I considered making a big batch of brothy white beans, flavored with rosemary and parmesan rind. Regarding tomatoe soup a thick slice of home make crusty bread would make a perfect companion. It’s unseasonably warm here and tomatoes are still getting ripe on any vines no one pulled up. So, when they got in touch again back in early February and asked if I might want to do it again, this time with their NS1 Stock Pot, I said sure. With a bumper crop of tomatoes one year I decided to make soup – imagine my surprise when I absolutely loved it!
Bonus is that I can use tomatoes I grew and stashed in the freezer Not sure if this is a giveaway but, if it is, I would love a pot like this to come my way!
This particular pot has become a piece of cookware that I didn’t know I needed, but am now very grateful to have! Slide the pan into the oven and roast for 45 minutes to an hour, until the tomatoes soften.

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