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If all of this snow has cramped your style, you might be able to channel a different kind of style, for your home.
Maybe your walls took a bit of a beating this holiday season, or maybe you just crave some color to brighten up a room.
Just like great jewelry makes a fashion statement, one of the easiest ways to give a fixture a facelift is by updating the hardware. Doors, cabinets, dressers and vanities will all love being accessorized with some new knobs or pulls. Snow’s has a large selection of new spa products to use at home, including Camille Beckman, B.
Now is the time of year when we love the chance to relax in a nice, hot bath – so why not elevate the experience with some carefully chosen spa-inspired treats?
As a bonus to your family dinner  – or anytime, really – you will be a Valentine’s hero with a cake like this. No matter how far we advance with technology, there’s something about a simple homemade card that remains timeless. Ferns come in many shapes and sizes, and their rich, leafy fronds can really help bring a space to life. Make a striking  decorative statement with a selection of smaller house plants, mixing together both the plant types and the pots they are in. The humidity in your bathroom might not be great for your electronics, but many of your plants love it. Last week we talked about making fresh juice, but there probably won’t be too many of us setting up a Superbowl juice bar in front of the flat screen.
Here are three good-for-you recipes that can be made in a crockpot, perfect for effortless entertaining. Go, Pats! A slow cooker is the perfect vessel for cooking up a batch of barbeque-worthy pulled pork while you sleep. Juicing has been around for a long time, and hundreds of studies have been done on its benefits. Technology: Gentle Centrifusion™ extraction makes for a smooth, rich and highly aromatic coffee, with high intensity and body, finished with a silky and generous crema.
The OriginalLine  includes a range of machines, including some that feature an integrated milk-heating and foaming system to produce lattes and cappuccinos, in addition to espresso and coffee. Technology: High-pressure extraction system releases all of the aromas contained in each coffee capsule. Another important piece of Nespresso’s platform is sustainability and environmental consciousness. And if you’re still not convinced, you might want to indulge in one of the many ads featuring George Clooney. Using mirrors as part of your home decor reflects light, helping you maximize it on these shorter days.
At night, candles place in front of a mirror creates a stunning effect, making it look like you have twice as many candles burning! In addition to the decorative statement they make, area rugs are a great way to  warm up a wood or tile floor. From kitchen valances to floor length panels, window treatments add texture and warmth from within. Seniors save: January started our expanded senior discount days, with 10% off every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all month long. Coastal cravings: May marks the time of year when lots of our customers come back to the Cape to begin opening their homes for the season. Tax-free deals: Massachusetts approved another state tax-free weekend on the 16th and 17th of this month, giving residents a chance to get some great savings on higher ticket items. Good cheer, and giving back: We has many special events in the store this month, including free knife sharpening, wine tastings, book signings, a visit from our local school choir, and of course, visits from Santa, Mrs. One of our most special memories in December was sharing the 13th annual Giving Tree gifts with the Housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod.
With just a week to go before Christmas, there are bound to be a few gifts – or more than a few – left to buy. Handmade Handbags  – Felt clutches, handcrafted by artisans in developing countries, Each is one-of-a-kind!
Colorful, Cozy Coverings – A little something fun for your feet: whimsical and mismatched socks for adults, children and babies. Snuggle Buddy – Soft plush toys from Nat & Jules are so adorable, it will be hard to choose just one for your favorite youngster. Summer Breeze in a Box – Sea Salt + Ocean Surf fragrance diffuser by Paddywax, hand-poured into a 4 oz. Scout it Out– Scout bags are a stylish way to carry just about anything, and a must-have for road trips and beach outings. Dressed for Success – This everyday dress from Pomegranate Moon flatters nearly any figure, but it’s as soft as your pjs! But as much as we all love to deck our halls with a holiday tree, there are definitely two different camps when it comes to the type. A study by Life Cycle Analysis comparing artificial and real trees found that neither one has a major impact on the environment.

The most important part of keeping a live Christmas tree healthy is making sure it gets enough water from the start. Manufacturers of the best products often have many copycats, but imitations are usually not as good as the real thing.
An innovative approach to bonding the two metals together was developed by the company’s founder, a metallurgist. Five layers that are bonded together provide the ultimate in heat control in a set of cookware that helps you achieve culinary masterpieces. The core extends up the sides to assure even cooking and to avoid hot spots that are detrimental to delicate sauces. Design features that make a difference when you use these pots and pans include long handles that are designed to fit your hand and to stay cool. Handles are solidly riveted to provide exceptional stability, and they are treated to resist iron elements that cause corrosion. All-Clad demonstrates with this cookware set that it understands what a culinary artist needs in the kitchen, and it includes the tools that make cooking a pleasure. When you make your own stock from beef or veal bones, chicken, shrimp shells, veal, turkey or fish, you get to control the salt and nutrient content.
A creative cook loves to use a good sauce pan, and this set includes two that meet the needs of a well appointed kitchen. Stir fry vegetables that accompany a nicely browned steak contribute to an elegant meal that is easy to prepare in an eight or ten inch fry pan.
As you acquire truly nice furnishings for your home, you may observe that they usually cost more than imitations. The All-Clad 600822 set is more expensive than other cookware sets that you can find when you search for best cookware set, and you need to wash it by hand. Retaining the elegant appearance of the finish makes it look beautiful for many years, and it responds by maintaining a look that seems new. The perfect marriage of heart stopping, luxury home goods, the ultimate shopping convenience and legendary service promise.
These colder months can work to our advantage, if we use them as a chance to take on a few fun home improvement projects. Painting an accent wall adds definition and interest to a space, without a major time commitment. Polishing is different than refisnishing, in that you are keeping the finish that is on the floor intact, filling in microscopic scratches and evening out the appearance.
After you’ve done the work of sorting (and possibly purging), a closet organizer kit will help you get the most mileage out of your hard work. And there are lots of choices – whether you prefer a satin nickel finish, a more vintage-style distressed copper, or something in between.
You’ll still get to enjoy a special meal, and setting a festive table for more than two just adds to the excitement. Add sound effects to your candle display with WoodWick candles (they come in red, too!) – a natural wooden wick creates the sound of a crackling fire while it burns. It’s a chance to break out some of that old fashioned china, and maybe a bake a batch of heart-shaped cookies to inspire a few more squeals of delight.
Ferns are also pretty low maintenance: just keep them damp (they love to be misted) and in indirect light.
Chinese Evergreens, for example, are a hearty house plant that need some warmth to thrive – so you’ll be doing your plants a favor every time to turn on the shower to heat things up. With all of the excitement, we haven’t had much time to think about the big football game on Sunday.  How will you celebrate? This version has comfort food written all over it, but lean ground turkey and quinoa (instead of breadcrumbs) keeps them healthy and light. For the game, add salsa, lettuce, guacamole, and any other toppings you like to a warm tortilla.
This cheese spinach and artichoke dip uses fat free mayo and feta to make it creamy, and a slow cooker to get it warm and gooey. Documentaries have been made, including Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which tells the story of a man who lost almost 100 pounds and healed his autoimmune disease by following a 60-day juice fast. While Snow’s carries juicers in all of these price ranges, we always love to recommend Breville – moderately priced, heavy-duty, high quality juicers. This gives you $100 toward mail order purchases of Nespresso coffee capsules – the most efficient and cost effective way to buy them. This guarantees an optimum distribution of the water through the ground coffee, resulting in a smooth and authentic taste. At least for many of the ladies out there, that’s reason enough to be a Nespresso fan. Visiting experts Madeleine Bickert, Susan Pike and Lori Mead were on hand to guide customers through their interior design projects. The kids never tire of our interactive train display, and the parents love to take advantage of the diversion and get a little shopping done.
But even if it feels like the 11th hour, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts in every price range… available at Snow’s, of course!

It also works as a tunic with leggings – and pairs with countless accessories. Light enough for spring with enough coverage for winter, this will be a true staple in your closet.
Interestingly, what makes more of a difference are factors like length of ownership, disposal method and “tree miles” (how far your tree travels to get to you). And of course,  a friendly  staff member will be happy to give you tips on keeping it fresh before securing it safely it to your vehicle. The heat conductivity of copper is superior to other metals, and stainless steel is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. The All-Clad 600822 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded 10-Piece Cookware Set is a collection of pieces that incorporates the company’s signature process, and it is a joy to use.
But since it is quite a significant investment, let’s take a closer review before you do your check out.
It heats quickly and evenly to provide dependable performance that you can count on every time.
The weight of each piece is heavier than that in lesser quality sets, and it is something that you come to expect after you experience it the first time.
A stock pot is an unusual piece to find in sets, but this one invites you to use it for making authentic stock.
A homemade stock is an excellent base for all of the gourmet sauces that grace a plate, and a slowly simmered soup that includes it is a joy to serve.
Using the three quart sauce pan allows you plenty of room to make a roux and a sauce from your own stock. A three quart saute pan gives you ample room to prepare a skillet lasagna or one of your original creations. An increase in the investment that you make as you can afford them often does not mean an equal increase in the ease of taking care of them.
Dishwashers offer a convenient way to clean ordinary pans, dishes and utensils, but they are damaging to fine china and sterling silver. Our credibility is extremely important to us, therefore we only endorse products we have personally purchased and used. Snow’s carries a couple of different kits (which are also a snap to special order) that can  expand your storage space and keep everything organized an within reach. If the snow and ice leaves you longing for a taste of spring, indoor plants are a great way to bring some of that fresh outdoor feeling inside. And plants are not only aesthetic. When choosing a fern, remember that anything you see hanging can easily be relocated to a standing pot, if you prefer.
Many of the things we love to eat during cold weather football watching – stews, meatballs, pulled pork – can be healthy and easy. Not surprising, but what you may not know is that there is one single practice that can help you succeed with every single one of these resolutions – juicing. Bonus: These colorful accents will happily stick around, inspiring you for spring and summer decor, too. Rich in look, affordable in price = the perfect gift! Snow’s is one of a very select group of retailers offering this special jewelry collection.
If you plan to transition from artificial to real, donate your tree rather than disposing of it.
Prepared stock that you find at the grocery store is excessively high in salt, an option that is a poor substitute for flavor.
The best cookware set is stylish as well as efficient, allowing you to relish the opportunity to use your creative skills with elegance. This cookware needs to receive the same kind of care that you give to your finest possessions. A diamond that sparkles beautifully tells you the quality of the diamond and the fine cutting that goes into it. But make sure you take good care of it (which I believe you will) so that it doesn’t lose its shine. All of these things remind us of Valentine’s Day, and by all means – indulge and enjoy if you can. Proceeds benefit WomenHeart, a nonprofit which helps women living with, or at risk of heart disease.
The pan has a copper core surrounded by two layers of aluminum and a stainless steel cooking surface. Polished stainless steel handles stay cool during cooking and are secured with sturdy, non-corrosive rivets. The Copper Core Collection features the reliable high-performance of copper with the cleaning ease of stainless steel for any culinary creation. The key to the incredible performance is that the pan's inner layers are aluminum (like the other All-Clad pans) but with an internal core of copper along the bottom and sides.

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