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After serving NYC for 40 years -- Owner, Norman Kornbleuth, will be retiring and Broadway Panhandler will be closing. All-Clad utilizes copper, aluminum, and stainless steel to create their Copper Core Cookware collection. The copper core layer of the 5-clad has a naturally unexpected heat conductive ability can spread heat quickly and evenly across the bottoms and the sides. 7 piece set is enough for daily purpose in your kitchen, with these copper core pots and pans you can accomplish most your cooking job.
One of the fundamental features of this All-clad copper core cookware set is that it can be used over electric or gas cooktops.
Unlike traditional solid copper cookware, All-Clad Copper Core can be used with induction cooker. In term of cooking performance and convenience that you will get from this cookware set is excellent. If you are tired of buying a new set of pots every 3-4 years for warping, had loose handles, and the like. Besides, stainless lids that are included in this package are also proof of the quality construction that is promised by the manufacturers of this product. I love these pans.From the very first look of this product, I have truly fallen in love with it.
I’ve been looking for the best cookware materials and from the many discussions that I’ve read, i find that you’ve explained many of issues much better. Copper cookware are greatly valued by the cook, shined and displayed as prized possessions.

Getting down to basics in the kitchen begins with the versatility of All-Clad's 7 Piece Copper Core Cookware Set.
The combination of copper and stainless steel provides not only good conductivity but also easy maintenance, which make Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Cookware Set one of the best copper cookware sets.
The copper core of five-ply bonded design provides excellent heat conduction that is required for cooking. Therefore, you can use it regardless of the cooktop you have and expect it to perform just as well on either of both.
However, it is important to go through a number of reviews before making an opinion about a product. Perhaps not as great as the true copper pot and pans, but noticeably better than aluminum cores (Stainless line by All-Clad) or anodized aluminum. With just a few pieces, you can prepare a family's worth of meals or small batches for one or two, and then turn around to cook for a crowd. Aluminum layers bond stainless-steel exteriors and interiors tightly to the copper core allowing a better control to you over the process of cooking.
Besides, stainless steel layers prevent copper core from reaction with food and give out superior performance, appearance, and ease of use. The copper cookware set is extremely versatile and you can put it in the oven or you can use it over the broiler. Of all the available variety, this cookware set gives you a little more than what is expected of it. These pans and skillets heat up and boil water faster than anything I have ever used, aside from genuine copper cookware.

Nevertheless, if you know how to cook or want to learn with responsive cookware, I honestly feel this is a great investment. You mentioned that All-clad copper core cookware set is the best but i agree that it’s too expensive.
All these ergonomic designs keep they remain cold across the cooking process it is safe to handle and you can be sure that you will not burn your hands trying to operate these cookware items.
A benefit of even cooking and distributed heating is that you will not be able to locate any hotspots once you are done cooking.
The fry pan and saute pan provide their respective duties and more with stainless surface construction that is nonreactive and also resists sticking. This will be a pan or set of pans that will be pasted down from generation to generation because of their durability and performance.
Amazing responsiveness to temperature comes from a layering of copper with aluminum ply on each side that reaches to the rims for full heat distribution. Non-corroding riveting on stainless steel handles provides a solid grip that allows for safer transfer when pieces need to go into ovens.
Rough use and cooking at inappropriate method are the main reasons why do not get the results that you would wish them to bestow.

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