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The All-Clad d5 4 Quart Saucepan lies a step below stockpots while adding versatility in handling small-to-larger quantities. The perfect marriage of heart stopping, luxury home goods, the ultimate shopping convenience and legendary service promise. Ideal for liquids of any type including acidic infusions, the d5 design offers five alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum that wrap to the top for exceptional heat distribution and thermal retention.
At full or low capacity, foods will maintain even temperatures without the worries of scorching at the base.

The 4 quart size becomes a perfect pot for creating stock from a small hen or cooking pasta with space remaining for stirring in sauces, vegetables and meats. A brushed stainless exterior with magnetic components is compatible with induction cooktops while remaining responsive on standard burners at recommended low or medium temperatures.
The included lid with wide rimming provides a tight self-sealing seam from steam that keeps flavors intact.
A solid cast stick handle and helper loop keep the All-Clad d5 saucepan safely balanced when transporting from stove to counter or sink.

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