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Dutch architect Wiel Arets’ all-Corian kitchen for LaCucinaAlessi is a marvel of simplicity and spaciousness. Every few years Italian manufacturers Valcucine and Alessi team up with a renowned designer to create new options in kitchen design. Among the freestanding unit’s most notable features is a generous number of drawers on either side, and rounded corners on all surfaces, to make cleaning easy. Called Cook It (for now), the all-Corian kitchen is meant to disappear within the room when everything’s been tucked away. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. With an airtight seal, the Alessi Mediterraneo Kitchen Box 750ml makes the perfect storage solution for keeping your kitchen cupboards and counters organised and stylish. For shelving that will turn heads and show off your books or decorative accessories in style, look no further than a tree design shelf.
These are handmade in the Cotswolds by Bespoak Interiors, a company who specialise in producing quirky and unusual furniture that stands out. Each piece is made to order, so you can be sure that you’ll get a one-of-a-kind shelf. Choose from an oak tree shelf, a hazel tree or a mini oak tree designed especially with children in mind. When it comes to kitchen accessories, there are some things that are inherently useful and give you many years of practical use, and others that are flash in the pan ideas that soon lose their appeal and end up sitting idly in the drawer or cupboard.
Sitting firmly in the years of practical use category are many of the kitchen accessories by Joseph Joseph.
Now we’re looking at a few more of their products, this time the Slice and Sharpen chopping board, the Flavour Bud and the M-Cuisine Cool Touch Microwave Dish.
It’s a very clever idea and definitely something we can imagine using again and again.
Having recently attempted to take something out of the microwave without oven gloves, and subsequently dropping it as it turned out to be hotter than expected, the M-Cuisine dish is a pleasing discovery. The microwave dish is designed with a double wall, so that you can safely handle it straight from the microwave. All three of these products, and many more in the Joseph Joseph range, are available to purchase at House of Fraser.
If you thought wooden windows were only suitable for use in traditional homes, think again. In the second post in a short series exploring the benefits of wood, we’re looking at how the look and feel of homes can be transformed when they switch to wooden windows and doors.
The windows had standard white frames and didn’t stand out all that much against the brickwork and dark wood cladding.
The owners wanted to update the windows and doors with energy efficient timber, which would produce a high quality look, be low maintenance and last well. Bereco Limited, a member of the Wood Window Alliance, supplied the windows and doors, including gorgeous French doors and bi-folding doors. One of the benefits of wooden windows and doors is that they can be any colour you wish, as they can easily be painted. Having all of their windows and doors changed made a huge difference to the look of their home. If being eco is high on your priorities, switching to wooden windows and doors is more environmentally friendly than uPVC. WWA is the benchmark for the industry, providing the reassurance of high quality, performance and sustainability standards. Like any unexpected disasters, those that occur in our homes vary in severity, from a mild inconvenience to complete devastation. The relatively new and carefully chosen carpet was super squelchy and the bed, with our super comfy mattress, was completely soaked. At that point we were obviously unsure of the cause, but the first port of call was to turn the water off at the mains to prevent any further flooding. When it came down to identifying the source of the problem, it turned out to all be due to a dodgy ballcock. Over the next few weeks things were a hive of activity, with dehumidifiers on and workmen coming in to help replace and redecorate the room.
That aside, everything else worked out fine and the furniture, bed, bedding and carpets were all replaced like-for-like. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but we were slightly relieved it hadn’t occurred when were at home and asleep in bed, as that would have been a very cold and wet shock to have water pouring down!
To give you peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of an unexpected home disaster, and have some money to spend on your home, Together Mutual are running this giveaway. Or take advantage of their current special offer and save up to 40% on your home insurance.

If your family has grown and your current house is bulging at the seams, then maybe it is time to move to a new property.
If you are trying to reach out to a specific market, in this case a family, there are things to consider to secure that sale.
We all get that instant feeling of warmth, cosiness and a sense of belonging when we visit a home that is right for us. You may have experienced this before when buying a property or even when visiting a friend’s house. There are a few old classic tricks that have been tried and tested that help with selling homes such as baking bread or filling your home with yellow flowers. Creating a blank canvas can involve clearing out all of your personal touches that could potentially be barriers to someone feeling that this could be their home. No one who moves into your home wants to see bright colours or unusual decor that makes them uncomfortable in a room.
If you are trying to make it appear as an ideal family home, then leave photos of you and your family as this will show them the life that they could have if they buy your home. When it comes to moving out many of us like to start packing things into boxes before you’ve even found a buyer or sometimes we really should start packing away some of our clutter before putting the house on the market. People do not want to move into a house that feels full and cluttered with your possessions as that makes them think it is too small and won’t work for them. Making sure that the room’s use is clear to the potential buyer is very important to give them an idea of what it will be like to live there. So if you are using a bedroom as a study then change it back to a bedroom, or, if your study is currently being used as a storage space then quickly restore it to its desired use. By not showing the rooms as their intended use you could lose out on a sale or even worse, lose out on money if they don’t consider your storage room as another reception room.
Your outdoor space could be a deal breaker – whether it is the curb appeal at the front of your house or the back garden for the kids to play in. These days we all have so much music stored digitally that it makes sense to have bluetooth speakers to hand. KitSound are an award-winning audio company,  who are renowned for products with great sound quality.
The product comes with good, clear instructions and it’s very easy to charge it up ready to use and then connect it via bluetooth to your mobile or tablet. The handle makes it super portable and easy to move around and the style works in many areas of the home – in your kitchen, living room, bedside your bed, or on a desk for music as you work.
It’s very different to other speakers on the market and we love the attention to detail on the front.
For a speaker with personality, style and great sound quality, and one that may even tone with your interior design scheme, we’d definitely recommend taking a look at the Flair. Designed in 1992, the Kitchen Timer is one of Michael Graves' earlier and most enduring designs. Use ProductWiki Connect for Merchants to enhance your product page and improve conversions. Enter the e-mail address you used to register with the site and we'll send you a new password.
If you would like to continue without an account, just close this box and it won't reappear.
Imagine your breakfast with a perfectly toasted bagel, a little strawberry cream cheese and a cold glass of orange juice. The cabinets and hood are made by Valcucine, the sink and cooktop by Foster, and the faucet by Oras. Dutch architect Wiel Arets, who has worked with Alessi for many years as a product designer, launched the latest LaCucinaAlessi kitchen system in Milan this week. With a mirror-polished stainless steel lid and a screen-printed glass base, the Mediterraneo range brings a touch of the Med to your home.
In fact, as well as a functional piece of furniture, you get an amazing decorative sculpture too. They’re fixed to the wall, so you can be sure your tree shelf will be secure and not prone to toppling over.
We’ve previously reviewed their Nest baking accessories, which are a great design and come in handy for so many cooking and baking needs. The Slice and Sharpen  chopping board is a great invention, as it’s got a very useful knife sharpener built into the side of the board. The sharpener is made from ceramic and will be compatible with most stainless steel knives. The bulb fills up with marinade and then the stainless steel nozzle can be placed into the food you want to marinade. The nozzle is easily removed for washing, plus it can be stored inside the bulb when it’s not in use.

The second outer wall of the dish is cool to the touch, so there’s no issues with it being too hot to handle.
There’s currently up to 50% off kitchen accessories, homeware and more in their sale. They’re versatile, stylish and fully appropriate for use in a range of contemporary homes too and can make a real improvement to the look of a home. The outside of the house was painted and the dark wooden cladding was updated for a warmer shade of wood. With the addition of bespoke wood windows, the end result was an amazing transformation.
The bi-fold doors can be opened up completely and offer an extension of the inside with the out. Plus, you can even have dual colour windows, with one colour on the outside and another on the inside.
Partnered with natural wood, it helps bring out the colour and beauty of this natural material. A good solid wooden door and expertly fitted wooden windows will help reduce unwanted draughts and could add warmth to your home, and in turn, help to cut down on heating bills. Some of the factors involved in disasters include water, fire, dodgy decorating jobs and electrical issues.
Having been away for a long weekend, we returned home to discover that water had poured down from the loft through the loft hatch and ceiling and flooded our bedroom. Although we knew it wasn’t great, part of us still thought things could be dried out and salvaged, but it was all condemned  as unusable and a skip was arranged. Any home disaster involving water leaves a dreadful damp smell which seems to permeate everything.
One of those things that you’re unlikely to be aware of in advance, but what a mess it caused. There was an extra mishap with the plastering, when even more of the ceiling caved in on the slightly slap-dash plasterer (and, to be honest, the end result of the plastering wasn’t great). Now you need to make sure that your home gives the perception of a safe and comfortable family home that they can see themselves in.
For great tips, read Fresh Design Blog, or have a look at a home lifestyle magazine such as House to Home, Elle Decor or House and Garden.
So, have a good clear out of your possessions or put your precious items into storage to keep them safe until you have moved into your new home.
The speakers enable you to listen to your music whenever you want, but especially achieving a decent quality of sound. Designed in a style reminiscent of a handbag, this square speaker is designed to both work like a dream and look good too. The timer features a mechanical mechanism, capable of timing up to one hour, and emits a pleasing ring at the finish. Well, tea we can do but many of us don't have the time and budget just to jet set off to Italia for a quick cuppa near the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The countertop is made of pepper- or vanilla-colored composite material, the three-part sink is made of Ekotek resin or stainless steel or porcelain.
The unique red coral design on the Alessi Mediterraneo Kitchen Box 750ml is pretty enough to make even the plainest pasta look like a decorative table ornament. It’s well robust, well made and, as with all Joseph Joseph products, perfect for a contemporary home. The front of the speaker features a lovely layer of tactile felt and, with different colours to choose from, you can ensure that the speaker fits in well with your interior design room scheme. Geometrica appears as one floating in the air geometric graphic design that is landing on two stainless steel columns.
The stainless steel hood features sinusoid-like glass panel that fits beautifully between the straight line graphics. As it contains rechargeable batteries, you can easily re-charge it to restore the full power once again. Bring it into the comfort of your own home with this stackable 'Leaning Tower of TEAsa' Tea Set for Two! Its glass doors and drawer panels are laminated with films available in three different color combinations: light and dark green, light and dark beige, or grey and black. Have fun sipping on your morning beverage or give your afternoon tea and finger sandwiches a European flair! This modern kitchen design also includes an elegant stainless steel console with a rotating drawer. Easy to store and a uniquely whimsical conversation starter, this tea set for two is practical and cute!

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