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Interlocking skillets make frittatas and omelets easy Professional heavy gauge hard anodized construction A classic shade of black Non-stick and oven-safe to 400 degrees F 9 diam. We’ve professed our love for frittatas, dubbing them “omelet's less fussy, easy going, up-for-anything cousin.” Here the frittata gets hit with a shrink ray and the skillet gets replaced with little shredded potato nests.
In the whirl of the morning rush, finding the time to make a proper protein-packed breakfast can feel impossible.
Frying crabcakes can be super frustrating—the cakes often fall apart and tend to soak up way too much oil. Hosting get-togethers can be stressful—especially once you’ve graduated from your pizza delivery days to cooking proper meals. This blogger put it best when she described this dish as “grown-up egg salad.” The salmon-molded mini-dish looks like something Julia Child would serve.
If you’re already on the mac and cheese bus, put the pedal to the metal by adding pepperoni and sauce.
This is more than just a pretty dish; with whole-wheat spaghetti, lean beef, and cheese, these "cupcakes" are actually a filling and complete dinner.
World family peace is possible: You no longer have to fight to get the best pieces of stuffing—the crispy, toasty edges. Cake batter and muffin pans are an obvious combo, but it’s worth taking the path less traveled: pie in a muffin pan. Our advice for store-bought granola bars: Look for a short, pronounceable ingredients list. Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free—these baked apples can please a crowd without bumping against common dietary restrictions.
No one can argue that soup makes a filling and healthy lunch, but transporting soup in your work tote or satchel can test the limits of your Tupperware. Missy Elliott probably wasn’t singing about a muffin pan when she said, “put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it.” But that’s pretty much the only step involved with making these.
Solution: Whip up a batch of these at the beginning of the week, then reheat them in the microwave for an out-the-door boost any weekday.
Bake up a pan of oatmeal on Sunday, and you'll have the trifecta of perfect weekday breakfast—fast, healthy, delicious—all week long.
Using a muffin pan to fashion bacon cups is pretty much the best thing since sliced pork itself.
But alas, it also made our “dangerfood” list thanks to the fact that the store-bought stuff can be overloaded with sugar and calories.
Here, everyone’s favorite, greasy starter gets a “makeunder.” The deep-fryer is replaced with a muffin pan, and the volume of stir-fried veggies like bell pepper and cabbage gets increased, giving them a chance to shine and share their antioxidant, fibrous goodness.

But unlike lots of starchy finger food, these are filling and protein-packed thanks to hard-boiled eggs and salmon.
While the gut-busting cream and piles of cream cheese get sidelined here, this isn't rabbit food—there's still enough Parmesan to give that classic spinach dip flavor, along with eggs and cottage cheese for filling protein. And anything with three cheese (Parmesano-Reggiano, cheddar, and American) has our name on it! Why not—especially when they're savory meat “cupcakes.” Individual turkey meatloaves are topped with a dollop of mashed potato "frosting" to create the savory antidote to every bakery window.
The same can apply when going homemade, and it doesn’t get any shorter than this: dates, almonds, and cocoa powder.
And using a muffin pan for the task is a stroke of genius: Each apple bakes in a well of its own juices, keeping the fruit soft and tender. By flipping your pan upside down and tucking a tortilla between the muffin wells, you can make mini baked taco bowls—perfect for tiny taco salads, small chili bowls, or even a crispy mini vessel for hummus. Tip: To ensure the potatoes don't stick, squeeze out as much water as possible, and oil the pan well. Like a traditional omelet, this is a great way to use up whatever veggies you have kicking around in the fridge.
It’s super easy to customize each cup with different toppings so you won’t get sick of this meal by the time Friday rolls around.
And don’t fear getting piggy with it: Saturated fat isn’t the nutritional monster it was once made out to be.
When you bake them in a muffin tin, however, they hold together perfectly and stay moist and light. Almonds and peppers add texture to the cornmeal, and they can be made ahead, leaving you time to pull yourself together and wrestle over the playlist. The flavor gets amped through inflammation-reducing ginger and blood-pressuring-lowering Sriracha. You can make stuffins with almost any stuffing recipe, but this one is a classic with perfect consistency and flavor. If you're a crust person, these will be particularly satisfying as the crust-to-filling-ratio is pretty much one-to-one. And the only trading involves swapping in almond butter, which beats peanut butter in total fiber, iron, and vitamin E.
Sweet, nutty, and chocolate-y, these bars hit all the pleasure points for a dessert but with loads of nutritional bonuses. There’s a reason "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a saying—apples are a great source of fiber and antioxidants.

You can use this trick for any number of soups, but the minestrone highlighted here, with protein-packed cannellini beans, lycopene-rich tomatoes, and folate-full leeks is a great place to start. In 1985, Circulon revolutionized the industry by introducing the first hard-anodized nonstick cookware. Adding in a few eggs not only ups the protein and vitamin B, but it also brings some serious deliciousness to these lil' cups of heaven.
These granola cups are full of cranberries, almond butter, and flax seeds—it’s an antioxidant party! And while they are dessert (#treatyoself), their miniature stature and good-for-you fillings (cranberries, pecans, and apples) mean they're indulgent with benefits.
Maple syrup is used as an all-natural sugar substitute, but feel free to sub in your preferred sweetener. The simple sugars in dates can be used as running fuel, and they bring beneficial potassium. Tip: Frozen soup will keep fresh longer, so you don’t have to eat soup every day for a week in fear it’ll spoil. Here’s a perfect work-around: Blend up these make-ahead smoothies, then freeze them in a muffin pan for ready-to-go portions.
Think beyond blueberry muffins and vanilla cupcakes, as this tin can make any number of single-serving meals and snacks, whether you're feeling sweet or savory.
Bonus: They can hold a dollop of Greek yogurt topped with berries, adding a little protein and sheer deliciousness to your morning. Either way, bring these to your next dinner party, and you’ll be everyone’s favorite guest. In the morning, you'll only need to drop a couple “pucks” into a blender with some coconut water for a shortcut shake.
Combined with the most advanced nonstick coating, this innovative technology is also dishwasher-safe and induction-suitable.
It’s also the perfect party food, since it can be made up to two days in advance, giving you plenty of time to tidy up your pad.
New cooks and seasoned chefs alike will be satisfied with Circulon cookware for a lifetime - guaranteed.

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