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PerfectFit Brabantia Bags with tie-tape available (with code H) – easy to fit without ugly overwrap. BioBagĀ® compostable bin liner bags are the original, strongest, best quality and biggest selling brand worldwide.
Our food waste compost caddy and bin liner bags are manufactured using materials derived from corn starch and other plant extracts making them 100% compostable and biodegradable. This ATV sprayer with its 60psi high pressure output and 50L tank makes it ideal for applying weed spray, herbicides, insecticides, organic and liquid fertiliser to large areas.

The low profile design makes this unit easy to mount just about anywhere and connects straight up to any 12V battery or to a cigarette lighter.
The sprayer is recommended for use in spraying agricultural pesticides, water and other non-flammable liquids. Pressure switch enabled pump, the pump will turn off automatically once the trigger is released. This design helps to prevent the liner bag breaking when full of food waste without affecting the overall capacity of the bag.

They are fully compliant with the European standard EN13432 and as such are approved for use with council food waste recycling schemes. Please let us know if you find the same products at a lower price, including delivery charges, from any other Internet business web site and we will guarantee to match it.

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