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I have found the articles and illustrations to be a fascinating glimpse into that time period.
Creative Commons License for EKDuncan Images - also see my "Terms or Use" for more details. EKDuncan work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. On occasion I share images that come from other sources and do my best to provided artist credit and a link to them whenever possible. My EKDuncan Terms of Use can be seen by clicking the "Terms of Use" link found towards the top of the blog page. Hi - I'm Evelyn Kennedy Duncan aka EKDuncan and some of my favorite creations include Digital Art Projects, Paper Doll Creations, ATC's , Domino Art, Scenic Stamping, Altered Art and whatever strikes my fancy.I'm a mixed-media artist that like's to dabble, play and follow inspiration where it leads me. Click on the image of your choice (left click to select the image) - this will take you to another screen where you will see the larger graphic. En la noche del 15 al 16 de septiembre de 1810, luego de haber sido descubierta la conspiracion de Queretaro, el cura Miguel Hidalgo Costilla y los capitanes Ignacio Allende y Juan Aldama incitan a la poblacion de Dolores (hoy Dolores Hidalgo, en Guanajuato) a levantarse en contra de la las autoridades del Virreinato de la Nueva Espana, al grito de «?Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe! Just last week, an analyst report claimed the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will actually include a 2,100 mAh battery, giving hope to those looking for a more substantial increase but lacking any evidence to support the claim. New photos shared by [Google Translate] now provide additional support for the original 1,810 mAh claim. The one battery shown in closeup does include a manufacturing date of June, making it several months old, while the original leaked battery had a more recent manufacturing date of July. I for one charge it overnight, and then I will mostly end up having 30-60% when I end up going to bed depending on my usage and whether I had to use it in bright light so the display had to run at 100% brightness for a long period of time. The reason many think that Apple users are a cult is precisely because of the never-ending Apple apologists. Apple specifically markets this phone to be your personal assistant, to handle your music, to handle you life, yet when it is used that way it is dead mid-day.

I work in a low-signal area, which is a large building with extremely poor cellular reception. It would be wonderful to see Apple release a phone with a great SoC, a great screen AND a great big battery. I think the people whining about (under-sized) batteries are doing so because they know Apple could put in a more robust battery if Apple wanted to do so. In March, Reddit released an updated version of its Alien Blue app for iOS, which included a free four-year Reddit Gold subscription gift for all Alien Blue users with Pro accounts. Paid-cable network Starz today announced a new standalone monthly streaming service that will be available to users as an app on iOS, Apple TV, and Google Play stores. Hoy, para colaborar con la tarea de los chicos y para siplificarte a vos, mama o papa el trabajito de buscar una por una,  te dejaremos esta seleccion de Imagenes del 25 de Mayo de 1810 para imprimir .
Podras encontrar El cabildo, los integrantes de la Primera Junta, tambien una especial del Presidente de la Junta, Coornelio Saavedra. El 25 de Mayo de 1810 se instalo la Primera Junta compuesta por Cornelio Saavedra como presidente, Mariano Moreno y Juan Jose Paso como secretarios y Manuel Alberti, Miguel de Azcuenaga, Manuel Belgrano, Juan Jose Castelli, Juan Larrea y Domingo Mateu, como vocales.
Speculation naturally pointed toward the new battery being for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, with a number of observers being disappointed in the modest capacity increase considering the larger display slated for the device. The photos offer a good look at the batteries, which appear to contain the full set of regulatory and specification text as well as an Apple logo, with one photo showing the batteries in trays for shipment.
Still, the growing evidence for the 1,810 mAh battery suggests the analyst claim of a 2,100 mAh battery may indeed be incorrect. If you start the day at 100% you need to use it insanely much, or with some really power hungry or really poor optimised apps with very high brightness on the screen for it not lasting through the day?
I have yet to be able to go from 100% to under 10% no matter how much I use the phone during the day. My 5s seems to be the exception to the rule as it lasts all day on a single charge with no problem.

The 5S (I don't know about the 5, I have not had one) is an absolute disgrace in terms of battery life, and good on Samsung for their wall-hugging ads.
Increasing the display area by nearly 40% while slapping minor increases to the battery cannot be made up for by optimization alone. I am outraged that I spent over A?500 on a computer capable of so much to help me through my day, but which I have to keep plugging in or rationing my use of. But its pathetically inadequate battery makes it a daily trial when I am doing anything other than the most basic casual use, and if that is all I wanted from a phone, I would not have bought the 5S.
Este acontecimiento es conocido como el «Grito de Dolores» y considerado como inicio del proceso de la independencia de Mexico. I've used a 5 and a 5s, I use my phone like all smartphones are meant to be used - a mini computer. Do I allow myself to watch the cricket for 30 minutes, or can I use the maps to help me find a decent restaurant?
Now, to praise Apple, the battery life they have got out of the MBAs is remarkably impressive.
If I wanted to just use my phone for talk time to make it last through the day I would have bought a cheap flip-phone. Can I listen to live radio, or should I save the battery in case I am stranded later at Clapham Junction and want to read an eBook with the screen bright enough to be able see it properly? All I do on the phone during this time is text, and I can barely do that because of my job anyway.

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