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The Maxam 5-Ply 17pc 9-Element Steam Control Waterless Cookware Set is designed to use a modern method of cooking which uses minimum moisture to retain vitamins which can get boiled away when cooking with too much water or oil. Directions for Waterless Cooking: To use the Steam Control Valves, start cooking on medium heat (never use high heat). Don’t boil your food anymore instead steam cook your food to save all the vitamins and minerals.

When cooking with Waterless and Greaseless Cookware, the pots and pans are designed to steam cook food with minimal water and cook food in its own natural juices. You can cook without oil or grease for lower cholesterol with this steam control waterless cookware set. This is healthy waterless cooking that will retain natural vitamins and flavors that are usually lost during cooking with too much water or oil.

The steam will finish cooking the food.A unique feature of multi-ply cookware is Stacked Cooking.

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