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In recent years, alcohol has been linked to the growing obesity epidemic, with health experts insisting that calories in alcohol should not be treated any differently from those in food. Indeed, the EU recently made for the calorie content to be clearly stated on the labels of wine, beer and spirit bottles.
But there is also an evidence which suggests that far from making us fat, drinking wine could actually be the key to weight loss. Linda Monk is a 47-year old woman who managed to lose 6 pounds in 3 weeks thanks to drinking a glass of wine before going to bed.
One study done in the course of 13 years at Harvard University showed that drinking 2 glasses of wine per day lessens your risk of obesity by 70 % compared to non-drinkers.
Another study, recently presented at the European Conference on Obesity in Prague, claim that a glass of red wine every night increased the levels of the HDL – the ‘good’ cholesterol.

According the study, red wine is better than white wine, because it contains high levels of resveratrol, compound found in the skin of grapes, which helps break down fats and reduce the total amount of fat in your body. So, it’s not about the calorie content, but it is about the effect that wine has on the body compared with chocolate, sweet treats and fattening snacks that have a similar calorie content as wine.
Luckily for you, scientists have found the perfect bedtime snack that you’ll absolutely love – wine. Studies have also shown that wine can help improve type 2 diabetes because it boosted glucose metabolism, process by which simple sugars found in many foods are processed into energy. She took this advice from a Tim Ferriss’s book called “The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide To Rapid Weight Loss”.

Women make a smaller amount of the enzyme that metabolises alcohol than men, and this is the reason for bigger production of the enzyme that requires the body to burn energy. Ferriss stands strong behind his theory that a glass of wine before going to bed will make you feel more satisfied.

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