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After living with type 1 diabetes for two decades, I’ve been on the receiving end of hundreds of innocent questions and comments in which someone assumes I have type 2 diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes continue to be seen as culprits who brought diabetes onto themselves instead as of people struggling with a difficult illness.
The way I see it now, I abandoned my fellow type 2’s because the truth is I struggle in ways that I know would give me a hell of a time if I had type 2 diabetes.
I didn’t stand up for the truth sooner because of fear and rejection, but also because I didn’t see the big picture. Sysy Morales has lived with type 1 diabetes for 20 years and has a brother, sister, and an uncle with type 1 diabetes.  Sysy works as a health coach, freelance writer, and public speaker on the subject of diabetes.
Sysy, thanks for writing this blog, it says the truth about type 2, and is written so very well.
What’s interesting is that there is more and more evidence suggesting that the genetic metabolic syndrome that leads to insulin resistance is actually the *cause* of weight gain, not a symptom of it. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes.
Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases that causes inadequate insulin in the body and causes hyperglycemia. Type I Diabetes is too known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) or Juvenile Diabetes.
Type II Diabetes is too known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) or Adult-onset Diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes and want to consider homeopathy for diabetes, you should understand the symptoms first.
I was diagnosed with diabetes four years ago and I started getting complications such as blurred vision, kidney failure. If not for diabetes, I wouldn’t ever have to think about insulin injections or finger pricks, and the edges of my otherwise fair fingers wouldn’t be tough and speckled.
If not for diabetes, I probably wouldn’t understand how my pancreas works (or doesn’t) or why it’s even there. Sometimes, when my friends see my restrictive food choices, they are amazed by how I consider every single bite. When I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 19, I could no longer freely eat my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. When my older sister saw I would no longer eat refined white hot dog buns (or any refined white product), she hugged me and said, “Oh, hunny, you have to grow up all at once!” Diabetes arrived abruptly, just as I was settling in to college, planting itself smack in the middle of my food choices, my doctor’s visits, my social life, my thoughts, my identity. As I’ve embraced the food choices that reduce my reliance on insulin, my friends have noticed. When, as my sister noted, I had to grow up all at once, I lost a bit of carefree innocence. Have you ever eaten a hot dog not in a bun, but instead resting on a bed of arugula, drizzled in olive oil, with a dab of mustard, sprinkled with toasted sunflower seeds? Abbott Diabetes Care announced that it has obtained CE Mark for the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system indicated for children and teens with diabetes aged 4-17 years old.
A person with diabetes typically self-monitors their glucose by pricking their fingers routinely to check their glucose level, enabling appropriate adjustments to insulin, diet, and activity based on their health care professionals’ recommendations to help achieve good glycemic control. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system, which is available in several European countries  is designed to change how people with diabetes measure their glucose levels and ultimately help them achieve better health outcomes.
In a recent accuracy study, Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system was clinically proven to be accurate, stable and consistent for up to 14 days without the need for finger prick calibration, for children and teens aged 4-17 years old. So now that the Freestyle Libre has been approved for adults in Europe for over a year and a half, and now approved for kids as well, when the hell is this thing finally going to come to the United States???
Living with Multiple Sclerosis is bad enough but you can also be diagnosed with other conditions that could occur which are aggravated by some medications used to treat MS. Whether you have diabetes or not, with a continued increase blood sugar there can be another condition that arises called neuropathy that comes about from decreased circulation usually to the extremities. What I want to talk about is treating your body like you have Diabetes even if you do not have the diagnosis for one very important reason; it is because of our skin.
If on your feet a lot, keep a close eye on swelling of feet and ankles to maintain appropriate circulation. If finding a break in the skin, apply an over-the –counter antibiotic cream and covering over the site to assist with healing; change frequently and allow air dry time when you can. If sitting for long periods of time, take frequent breaks to get up and walk around to help with increased circulation. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of Diabetes even if you don’t have it because of our increased risk of getting it from some of the treatments. MS Blogger and Multiple Sclerosis Activist shares her journey living with MS, tips for others living MS and her husband, Steve, offers his insight as a caregiver for MS.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Plus, the Fitbit flex is designed to monitor additional activities, such as water and calorie intake, weight loss, and hours slept. I thought it seemed like a good idea, until the day the Fitbit started vibrating on my wrist, and I found myself going to my insulin pump (with built-in CGM) to turn off a CGM alarm. Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Therapy in Chronic Kidney and Cardiovascular DiseaseDavid M. 000Medtronic has announced that it will no longer sell its CGM Sof-sensor as of December 1, 2015. Although Medtronic will no longer be providing the Sof-sensor after December 1, 2015, Paradigm pumps can continue to be used as a standalone insulin pump with out the CGM.
Medtronic is offering no out of pocket cost conversion programs to their latest insulin pump and CGM technology, the MiniMed 530G with Enlite. The discontinuation of the Sof-sensor is not due to safety or performance issues of Sof-sensor. Medronic recommends that Sof-sensor users reach out to their healthcare provider to discuss options. A customer care representative will be reaching out to Sof-sensor customers in the coming days to check up on remaining sensor supplies and to provide customers with details on the upgrade to MiniMed 530G with Enlite at no cost. I have other secrets but I am not comfortable revealing them.  I am also an HCP, a clinical psychologist, and I wonder sometimes how honest my patients feel they can be with me. As a patient with Type 1 myself, I understand the emotional impact of dealing with the physical and psychological demands of diabetes all day.  From counselling other people with diabetes, I also recognize the impact of the health care system on the health of those of us with diabetes. Some patients have admitted to me that they do not test when they think their blood sugar is really high. One woman admitted that she does not test when she thinks her result would be very high because when she meets with her diabetes team, the data is downloaded from her glucometer.  She feels she must hide the hyperglycemia.
I have certainly heard many people admit to altering data on paper records.  Not because they want to appear perfect.
Patients have concerns that could be respectfully communicated to their diabetes team, but they usually keep these thoughts secret.  They comment on how busy their clinics are, and how they wait so long to be seen, and then their appointments only take 5 minutes. Many people with diabetes describe feeling scolded sometimes, or judged.  They feel rushed through their appointments.
When I speak with patients who do feel supported, and heard, they are generally more motivated and engaged in their diabetes care.
Those who specialize in diabetes care genuinely care about their patients’ well being.  However, they want to make them better and this “righting reflex” gets in the way of listening to their patients. The most effective method of improving management of Type 1 diabetes will not look the same for every patient because everyone’s experience of Type 1 is unique.  Additionally, each person’s situation can change. HCP’s need to ask their patients questions in order to determine the next step in treatment. I made a reference earlier to the negative conversation I had with a resident at my diabetes clinic.  I later told a nurse manager about how those conversations can people with diabetes feel.
I have often heard HCP’s talk about their limited time for counselling, given all the other information they need to cover.
Michelle Sorensen is a member of the Ontario College of Psychologists and has a private practice in Clinical Psychology in Ottawa. I think that part of the problem with communication with our diabetes healthcare team is that its usually based so strongly on the numbers.
When I was a child, my parents were asked if my diagnosis was a result of too much sugar in my diet. If I had type 2 diabetes, my food, exercise, depression, and my general lack of discipline would likely still be a part of me and so my challenges with diabetes would continue.
Now, I have realized that when we put down others in order to lift ourselves up, we actually weigh ourselves down in the process. We, as a society, are obsessed with weight and fat, and it’s lead to an epidemic of fat shaming. Sure, people can work hard to eat less and exercise, but it can often feel like a losing battle when these other factors are considered. I struggle against a family tree of weight problems, and while I try to eat well and exercise, I don’t always succeed. It is true we are usually a bit fat but Mary Tyler Moore was active and skinny and she got it too !

Diabetic patients undergo several complications such as loss of electrolytes and also neural symptoms.
Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome characterized by increased level of glucose in the blood due to inactivity of hormone ‘Insulin’ that is absolutely necessary to monitor glucose metabolism of body. Type II Diabetes is a constitutional disorder as it is an offshoot of constitutional defects (genetic factors, altered immunity) having an impact on the entire body. Moreover homeopathy recognizes importance of the underlying causes such as genetic and inherited factors as the root of any ailment of the body.
When you explain the symptoms to the homeopath, he or she will be able to prescribe appropriate medications based on the signs.
I wouldn’t anxiously await my diabetes report card, laying bare how I managed my blood glucose levels for the last few months. That can shatter an illusion of control.
I wouldn’t know about the endocrine system, and how beta cells are supposed to produce insulin, and what insulin does, and the interplay between so many biochemical processes. More than once, I’ve received a high compliment when someone comments that, perhaps, they will think about making food choices more like mine. After graduating from Williams College, he taught English at a university in Novosibirsk, Russia through the Fulbright program.
However, according to research, there is often reluctance from people with diabetes, especially children and adolescents, to perform this task, based in part on the discomfort and pain of finger pricking. The system reads glucose levels through a sensor that is worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days, eliminating the need for routine finger pricks. In addition, no finger prick calibration is needed—a key differentiator from current continuous glucose monitoring systems.
In addition, more than 97 percent of these children and teens said that the FreeStyle Libre system is easier to use than finger prick testing. If problems or symptoms arise that you are not sure about, be sure to document it so that you can remember to talk with your physician about. Of course, these are optional and I have yet to put some of the dietary ones to the test, but they could be useful if you’re considering making some lifestyle changes. Then when I was pregnant with my twins a few years ago, I had a very upsetting conversation with a medical resident who kept focusing on my recorded lows. I can’t solve problems unless I listen to my patients.  After all, they are the experts on their own thoughts and emotions.
I know I am not the only patient who keeps secrets from HCP’s.  I hear other patients’ secrets. Usually it is because they feel guilty about their lack of control and therefore are reluctant to see the evidence on their glucometer.
And they often note that they do not have much chance to talk about how they actually feel. There is no doubt that having this kind of support helps patients cope with the challenges of diabetes.  So what do we need to focus on to create more of this support in diabetes care? I would suggest that with some patients, it would be better to put all the education aside for an appointment, and just connect with them. Involve your patient in agenda setting by asking, “How can we best use our time today?” I guarantee that this would grab your patient’s attention. You have nailed an important issue that’s widely under-acknowledged in medicine, what Dr. She was impressed with my latest results so I added that I still often get blood sugar fluctuations.
Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are incredibly complex, challenging, expensive, and damaging to millions of people. However, I get really tired of explaining to people who have type 2 that diabetics can eat sugar and that diabetics count carbs.
If the cause of T2 diabetes were something other than what people perceive as lazy, gluttonous behavior, the response to it would be entirely different. Healthcare providers often assume that I’m a T2 because of my weight, and I correct them only to ensure that an accurate medical record is produced. By and large Type I Diabetes is associate early-onset disease and is often seen in youngsters, although adults can also be affected by it. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on such criteria plays a vital role within the management of many deep-rooted, chronic, difficult diseases; one amongst them being Diabetes. Lixisenatide is currently approved in more than 60 countries worldwide under the proprietary name Lyxumia®.
As it turns out, when I “max out” and run my fastest mile ever, my perfectly functional liver will release a shot of glycogen. The warm aroma of melting chocolate and crisp cookie edges rolled through the halls of our home and drew me to the kitchen for a deserved snack. And while I can’t anticipate or respond perfectly to every spike and dip, I can listen closely and patiently to my body. Diabetes has opened my eyes to the incredibly, beautifully direct relationship between what I do and how my body responds. There seems to be an increase in adults being diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes. With Multiple Sclerosis, often times we have decreased sensations in our extremities like not being able to tell water temperature with our feet or hands. Even though you may be seeing a MS doctor on a regular basis, it is important to have a Primary Care Physician that you see at least once a year to obtain a physical from. The flex is a narrow wristband with a nondescript display that lights up when you tap the wristband, or once you’ve met one of your fitness goals for the day. Diabetes is usually better managed when you’re more active; after all, it can occasionally be faster to remedy a slightly higher-than-you’d-like blood sugar with 15 minutes of exercise rather than waiting for a correction bolus of insulin to kick in. I have experimented with the sleep monitor, though—it’s interesting to compare my sleep graph with my CGM graph. Mutual risk factors influence the development and progression of CKD and CVD and can either be modifiable (diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, smoking) or non-modifiable (genetic predisposition, increasing age, acute injury). Inflammation, lipid peroxidation and reactive oxygen species (ROS) from mitochondrial, cytoplasmic and extracellular sources contribute to oxidative stress. Gobe1[1] Centre for Kidney Disease Research, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia1. According to the company the discontinuation of the Sof-sensor is a result of their commitment to introducing new technologies with advanced therapeutic benefits. However, there is a power imbalance between patients and their HCP’s and it is hard to assert ourselves as patients.
Listening enriches the experience of the listener.  One nurse educator told me, “It doesn’t feel like work because I do lots of listening.
Make an “I statement” and assert yourself.  For example, “I have something important I want to talk about with you. In my early 20’s, when someone said, “Oh you have the type of diabetes you didn’t give yourself” I would proudly nod in agreement while a little voice in my head said, “You know how hard it is to avoid certain foods, to be disciplined, check blood sugars, stay active, and eat well. On certain occasions, I feel I have benefitted from being seen as the noble victim of a tragic illness I acquired as an innocent child.
She said, “I know, it’s hard for you, but you make the effort to take care of yourself unlike those with type 2 who don’t.” I stared at her blankly until she stopped writing in my chart and looked up at me.
All people with diabetes share the pain, the complications, the frustrations, and the stereotypes. I don’t care what they think, especially when I know more about diabetes than they do! This gene causes hormones that make you feel more hunger at middle age so then you probably gain a bit . Apparently, every year, more than 2 million people are diagnosed with diabetes worldwide and it is a growing concern for the World Health Organization. A child with certain genetic disposition and a family history of the disease is probable to present the symptoms early in ages. I never dreamed that just a couple of years later, those chocolate chip cookies would be dismissed, shuttered, and relegated to faint memory. I won’t always make perfect choices, but I have so much to gain by trying, by challenging myself, by making positive, intentional food choices. It usually occurs without warning and often runs in families, but after researching medications used to treat MS and even exacerbations, most of them list increased blood sugar as one of their side effects. Many often think this is related to the MS but it is altogether a different disorder requiring treatment. This happens when the nerve transmission from the extremity to our brain is blocked usually by a lesion, preventing us from knowing when something is too hot to touch therefore causing a burn to take place.
This is a good time for blood work to be done to rule out other problems that can arrive from medications we take to help with our MS. The wristband holds a tiny tracker that syncs with an app on your smartphone or to your computer when you insert it in the USB port.
And generally speaking, I find that my blood sugars on a given day where I get at least 10,000 steps (or more!) are better when compared to a day that I’m sedentary.
I’d guess with a fair amount of confidence that the CGM is more accurate than the sleep monitor, but it’s definitely visible on both graphs when I wake up or am restless in the middle of the night due to a low or high blood sugar. Vitamin E incorporates into the phospholipid bilayer halting lipid peroxidation chain reactions. IntroductionChronic kidney disease (CKD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) have major impacts upon the health of populations worldwide, especially in Western societies.

Why have frustrating conversations about this unfortunate side effect of living on insulin?
It had not occurred to her to balance her comments with some kind of positive feedback about everything I was doing to keep healthy while I managed my diabetes and carried two babies. Sometimes my patients cry, but a lot of times we laugh too.  It feels like such a privilege to be trusted with their most private thoughts and feelings. Of course, these are their perceptions of their interactions with HCPs and I am not saying that they reflect the intentions of their HCPs. This all set me up to view those with type 2 diabetes as people who were not taking care of themselves.
You are being a hypocrite.” It was just so much easier to avoid being grouped with “those people”. I’m no longer offended because when people ask if I have the bad diabetes or the lifestyle one because it provides me with an opportunity to educate. Being fat and eating loads of sugar is NOT the cause (even though many type 2 are obese and love sugar) not all are fat or over sugary !
Diabetes is prevalent worldwide and if not attended properly, it should causeserious complications. The first effect of the disease is on the immune system and it causes loss of endogenous insulin. Like HTML code, it spits out a perfect rendering of the various inputs; nothing is random or without cause, though I may not understand what just happened. Instead of avoiding and fearing temptation and craving, I know to expect, manage, and, in due course, dismiss these normal feelings. Solumedrol, which is a steroid, is used to decrease inflammation during a MS attack or exacerbation and it too can cause increased blood sugar. When we have numbness in our feet or even our hands, we can have injury to the skin from sores that occur or cuts we get which allows a break in our skin allowing infection inside.
Even though MS has such a wide variety of symptoms, not everything we experience is related to it.
When you sync the tracker, the app or your computer will show you your daily progress in terms of the number of steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, how many miles you’ve traveled, and how many active minutes you’ve accumulated.
Omega (?)-3 fatty acids displace arachadonic acid in the cell membrane and thus reduce arachadonic acid-derived ROS, but also significantly reduce inflammation and subsequent fibrosis.
The progression of CKD or CVD independently exerts synergistic deleterious effects on the other, for example, patients with CKD are more likely to die of CVD than to develop renal failure. My endocrinologist came in to chat with me next, and she was much less anxious about my lows.
Of course perceptions are sometimes coloured by our own hurt, fear and anger about living with diabetes. Thankfully, I now have a wonderful PCP that does actually listen to me, and she is willing to tell me when she doesn’t know and tries to find answers. If someone asked if I had type 2 diabetes I would quickly blurt out, “Oh no, I got this as a child.” I didn’t want to suffer more at the hands of diabetes than I already did. Each of us is deserving of unconditional support and respect when it comes to our diabetes. Conventional medicine has been unable to cure diabetes, because it solely appearance to manage blood glucose levels. Additional exploration within the Fitbit app will show you data from previous days and the flexibility to modify your daily goals. The cysteine residue of N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is a precursor for glutathione (GSH) synthesis, and the thiol group is able to scavenge ROS directly. This overlap between CKD and CVD, in part, relates to common etiologies such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension, but important dynamic and bidirectional interactions between the cardiovascular system and kidneys may also explain the occurrence of concurrent organ dysfunction [1]. However, I left with a lump in my throat and drove to my husband’s office to have a good cry.
For instance, if you want to travel a total of 5 miles daily or get 10,000 steps per day, you can set these goals for yourself and go about your routine to accomplish them. Bardoxolone exerts transcriptional control by promoting nuclear translocation of Nrf2, facilitating antioxidant response element (ARE) binding that upregulates endogenous antioxidant enzyme activity. Cardio-renal syndrome (or reno-cardiac syndrome, the prefix depending on the primary failing organ) is becoming increasingly recognised [2]. I kept hearing the resident’s words all day and couldn’t help but think ahead to my future. Let’s all do without them and instead shoot for truth: no matter what kind of illness you have, it’s a struggle, and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.
Allopurinol inhibits xanthine oxidase-derived ROS and the damaging effects of hyperuricemia. Conventional treatment targeted at either syndrome generally reduces the onset or progression of the other [3]. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) enhances the efficacy of electron transport in the mitochondria, thereby reducing mitochondrial-derived ROS – it is also able to directly scavenge ROS. Even though our understanding of various factors and steps involved in the pathogenesis of CKD and CVD and their obvious links has improved, a complete picture of the mechanisms involved is still unclear. L-carnitine enhances mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis and subsequent ATP production and thereby maintains cell health. Oxidative stress has been identified as one unifying mechanism in the pathogenesis of CKD and CVD [4]. This current chapter gives a brief review of recent literature on the relationship between CKD, CVD and oxidative stress and indicates how, by applying knowledge of the molecular controls of oxidative stress, this information may help improve targeted therapy with antioxidants for these diseases.2. Pathogenesis of chronic kidney and cardiovascular disease – The linksIt is, in fact, very difficult to separate these chronic diseases, because one is a complication of the other in many situations.
The development and progression of CKD are closely linked with hypertension and dyslipidemia, both causes of renal failure. CKD, hypertension and diabetes mellitus all involve endothelial dysfunction, a change well known in the development of atherosclerosis and CVD that includes coronary artery disease, heart failure, stroke and peripheral arterial disease [5].
Vascular calcification occurs in progressive atherosclerosis and CVD, but it is also an important part of vascular injury in end-stage renal disease (ESRD), where patients need renal replacement therapy to survive.
It is paradoxical that approximately 50% of individuals with ESRD die from a cardiovascular cause [6]. Thus, CKD and CVD patients have closely-linked diseases with increasing morbidity and mortality. The initiating causes of CKD are highly variable, with previously-mentioned hypertension and diabetes being two of the key ones [7].
Epidemiological studies reveal other strong risk factors for CKD, such as a previous episode of acute kidney damage, exposure to nephrotoxins, obesity, smoking, and increasing age [8, 9].
However, no matter the cause, the progressive structural changes that occur in the kidney are characteristically unifying [10]. The characteristics of CKD are tubulointerstitial inflammation and fibrosis, tubular atrophy, glomerulosclerosis, renal vasculopathy, and presence of granulation tissue.
Alterations in the glomerulus include mesangial cell expansion and contraction of the glomerular tuft, followed by a proliferation of connective tissue which leads to significant damage at this first point of the filtration barrier. Structural changes that occur in the kidney produce a vicious cycle of cause and effect, thereby enhancing kidney damage and giving CKD its progressive nature.
Whilst early pathological changes in the kidney can occur without clinical presentations, due to the high adaptability of the kidney [10], once the adaptive threshold is reached, the progression of CKD is rapid and the development of ESRD imminent. Vascular pathology exacerbates development of CKD, and it is perhaps here that the links with CVD are closest. Hypertension induces intimal and medial hypertrophy of the intrarenal arteries, leading to hypertensive nephropathy. This is followed by outer cortical glomerulosclerosis with local tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis. Compensatory hypertrophy of the inner-cortical glomeruli results, leading to hyperfiltration injury and global glomerulosclerosis.
Note, however, that although glomerulopathy is an important characteristic of CKD, the incidence of tubulointerstitial fibrosis has the best correlation with CKD development [11].
As such, kidney tubular cells and renal fibroblasts may be the founding cell types in the progressive development of CKD.The main clinical manifestation of CKD is a loss of glomerular filtration rate (GFR), allowing for staging of CKD with progressively decreasing (estimated) GFR. CKD staging was facilitated by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) and the Kidney Disease - Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO), an outcome that highlighted the condition and facilitated its increased diagnosis [12].
The first two stages have normal, or slightly reduced kidney function but some indication of structural deficit in two samples at least 90 days apart.
Stages 3-5 are considered the most concerning, with Stage 3 now being sub-classified into Stages 3a and b because of their diagnostic importance. It is thought that stages 2 and 3 should be targeted with prophylactic therapies, such as lipid lowering drugs or RAS modifiers [13], to minimize the progression of CKD.

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