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Any type of autoimmune disease that is progressive and cannot be reversed, can cause pain and discomfort which have to be controlled or at least brought into balance by a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise.
In this article we will elaborate the causes and symptoms of gout and will share with you a recipe of a powerful drink which will help you ease and relieve the pain, while reducing the symptoms. Gout is in fact a type of arthritis, causing burning pain, swelling, and stiffness, in a joint, usually a big toe.
The causes and chances of getting gout are doubled in those cases where the obesity risk factor is higher and also in people who drink alcohol.

The breaking down of waste material would be way harder for people who are overweight and also for those who have kidney problems. Most common symptoms that people with gout will get are: nighttime swelling, tenderness, redness and sharp pain in their big toe. Please tell a friend!Subscribe to our Free monthly newsletter, "Nothing to Lose But Fat!"  Learn the latest tips for losing fat, get recipes to balance your blood sugar and find out how so many others are losing weight permanently!
If high levels of uric acid in the blood are not treated, they will most likely from hard crystals on the joints.

Our blood sugar was raised by the staples, we discovered cane sugar and over time began craving sweets.
According to a doctor, the only way to relieve pain is by taking anti-inflammatory prescription pills, such as: ibuprofen or corticosteroids.

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