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Diabetes is classified under two main heads, the type-1 or juvenile onset diabetes and the type-2 or adult onset diabetes. The symptoms of gestational diabetes develop during pregnancy and are gone once the pregnancy is over, while the type 2 diabetes symptoms last lifelong. Polydipsia or excessive thirst, and polyurea or excessive urination, are the common symptoms of every kind of diabetes. In this condition, the load on kidneys also increases and they have to work extra to throw the excess glucose and water out of the system. Not only infections become a frequent occurrence, but their healing time also increases and they take longer than usual to heal. Women having diabetes always feel tired and are not able to indulge in physical labor for long. The high blood glucose levels damage the blood vessels providing nourishment to the eye area. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and disappears after delivery . Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.
A woman who develops diabetes during pregnancy are at greater risk of subsequently developing type 2 diabetes , as insulin production decreases with age. In most cases gestational diabetes produce any symptoms and are not detected in pregnancy routine tests. When the blood test shows elevated blood sugar but definitely something diagnoses diabetes, you should perform a blood glucose curve to be sure. Therefore, gestational diabetes can be diagnosed either by a simple determination of blood glucose as a glucose curve. Generally, when necessary insulin used acting insulin before meals, and slow acting insulin night.
Maintaining a healthy diet with no animal fats and foods rich in complex carbohydrates or slow absorption (pasta, rice, vegetables …) and fresh vegetables and fruits. The pregnant woman should frequently measure their blood glucose levels to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. For the mother, as already mentioned, increases the risk of type II diabetes mellitus later but during the same pregnancy also increases the risk of hypertension and eclampsia (late pregnancy disease that causes high blood pressure and severe convulsions, and put in serious risk to the fetus and mother). A proper medical control of diabetes in pregnancy dramatically reduces the associated risks.
As I review these stroke symptoms following this Memorial day weekend, I think back to a night more than 40 years ago which will always be seared into my memory.

When he was 45, he developed an enlarged heart and had to give up his beloved backyard and move closer to his work in New York City. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption to at least five servings per day may reduce the risk of stroke.
I truly hope stroke awareness reaches as many families and communities as possible with Dr. Typically Type 1 diabetes occurs in individuals with a family history of the disease.  Furthermore, individuals who are afflicted with an irregular immune response are known to have this type of the disease.
In view of the fact that urinating excessively not only gets rid of the surplus of sugar that is found in the body, but large quantities of water as well, the afflicted individual could possibly have dehydration issues.  As a result of this, throughout the day, the woman might experience excessive thirst, which is medically referred to as Polydipsia.
Among the typical symptoms of Type 2 diabetes is excessive eating; this is referred to medically as polyphagia.
The presence of skin infections is another diabetes symptom in women, as well as vaginal yeast infections, in view of the fact that diabetes is a disorder which assists the yeast in growing easily.   In addition, diabetic women may very frequently have urinary tract infections as well.
Sexual dysfunction is a commonly observed symptom of diabetes in females as well.  Research has revealed that diabetic women might experience discomfort or pain while participating in sexual intercourse, a reduction in vaginal lubrication and vaginal sensitivity as well as the  inability to reach an orgasm.
In addition to the physical symptoms, a number of psychological symptoms might be noticed in women affected by the disease as well.  They might experience severe agitation and lethargy and from time to time, they might feel irritable without a valid cause. There are other types of diabetes also, like type 1.5 diabetes and gestational diabetes, but either they are not so commonplace, or not very long lasting. Middle aged women have the maximum risk of developing type-2 diabetes, especially those, who have previously experienced gestational diabetes, or are obese. Having unhealthy lifestyle, with improper diet, unhealthy sleeping habits, and less physical activities also cause type 2 diabetes in middle aged women. It happens as the body cells are not able to generate enough energy as they lack in glucose. These symptoms occur as the increased blood glucose level takes out the fluid from your tissues. Even a small bruise or cut may take weeks to heal, as blood glucose hinders the process of healing. This happens as the body cells do not get enough of glucose, so they are not able to generate ample amount of energy. The most prominent impact is seen on the nerves running through the limbs, especially feet. This causes temporary or permanent damage to the retina of the eye and may cause blurred vision.
This disorder is more common in obese women and in those with a family history of diabetes. During gestation increase insulin requirements, and if the pancreas is not able to produce the needed can trigger diabetes of pregnancy.

This risk can be greatly reduced if you adopt healthy lifestyles methods including: diet healthy exercise and regular physical maintenance of a normal weight. If the blood glucose curve is normal, it must make a new determination of blood glucose 32nd -33 th week of pregnancy. You should consult a specialist in diabetes to manage their disease and the gynecologist to monitor the progression of the child during pregnancy.
One night we were all watching Johnny Carson on late-night TV, and my father had a stroke. Fresh fruits and vegetables are potassium rich and low blood potassium has been linked to increased stroke risk. Williams' message that stroke can be prevented and, when necessary, effectively treated by getting that person quickly to the nearest stroke center. Seidman is author of "Smoke-Free in 30 Days: The Pain-Free, Permanent Way to Quit" with a foreward by Dr. When an individual has developed Type 2 diabetes, the insulin level in the body is extremely high.  Due to the fact that insulin assists in the stimulation of hunger, excessive use of insulin might result in the afflicted individual feeling unnecessarily hungry and ultimately end up eating more than the required amount. However, when an expectant mother has high blood pressure, chances are great that she has gestational diabetes. As far as middle aged women are concerned, they can either have gestational diabetes or type 2 diabetes. To fulfill the daily needs of energy they demand for more glucose, by triggering the hunger centre of your body. So, the tissues become dehydrated and you feel the need to drink more and more water to keep them hydrated. This leads to increased frequency of infections, especially vaginal infections caused due to yeast.
Due to less energy production body remains fatigued and the person feels tired throughout the day. Skin complications also become commonplace in diabetic women and the skin may become dry and rough.
Seidman first introduced his own program to stop smoking as a featured expert on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" with Dr.

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