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When it comes to actively supporting people to manage their condition effectively by offering them some sort of structured education course the stats are even more eyewatering.
Is it that people simply do not *know* that these simple routine checks are so very important? I wrote once before about the exponential rise in the number of appointments that were involved in my 'annual review' and the situation is much the same. Faff or not - if you are living with type 1 diabetes you need to do whatever you can to make sure that you get those checks. After 25-odd years I am very glad that diabetes is often a relatively slow-moving adversary. The trouble is there is no such immediate come-back for a missed appointment here or there.
Making sure we get all our routine healthcare checks is a tiny step in the right direction. In recent weeks the mentions, rumours and tidbits about Abbott's shiny new gadget have been reaching fever pitch.
El Centro de Tesis, Documentos, Publicaciones y Recursos Educativos más amplio de la Red.

Human skeleton diagram for kids – health, medicine and, Human skeleton diagram for kids is an anatomy picture reference, we always updated new picture for our reader. It's a bit like Ofsted for diabetes clinics and includes results for just over 70% of the places providing care for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in England and Wales. That's almost a quarter of a million people living with type 1 diabetes who are missing even the most basic annual checks to help them keep on track. Eight or nine routine measures to check that nothing nasty is lurking, and to be able to do something about it if things are going awry. Decentralised care may work well as a buzz word, but patients have ended up with 4 or 5 appointments instead of 1, which makes the whole process much more of a faff. And the people most likely to suffer as a result are not the clinics or doctors, but the very people who are not getting checked.
Some employers might need to be reminded that under the DDA (or whatever it is called this week) they need to make 'reasonable adjustments' to support employees with diabetes in keeping these kind of routine healthcare appointments. But perhaps part of the problem with all those thousands of appointments from the patient perspective is that diabetes is not enough like prawns.
Eating a big ole serving of 'not enough time at the moment' prawns in 'missed appointment' sauce doesn't bring me out in a sweat just thinking about it.

I found your blog while searching Bristol Community Health's website for education courses. Use the sides people use the sides) before one of the stats just jumped out and hit me between the eyes.
Queda bajo la responsabilidad de cada lector el eventual uso que se le de a esta información. Thanks to the team at Bronglais Hospital, I got a good start to my new life - including an introduction to carb counting.
The very least we can do is turn up for (free!) appointments designed to help us to make it through life with our feet on and our eyes working.
I have spent the last ten days catching up with all your posts and have found them so helpful - especially when the whole saga of stabbing and jabbing, counting and monitoring has got me down. Somehow I managed to stumble, in the dark, with excruciating urgency to the tiny the bathroom where I remained until the following morning in a wretched, heaving heap.

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