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Research has led to important progress in understanding the cause of Batten disease at a genetic level. Australia is in a unique position to make important advances in the understanding of Batten disease. Type 1 diabetes : The body’s own immune system attacks and kills the cells of pancreas by mistake thus leading to reduction or complete loss of insulin secretion.
Type 2 diabetes : The pancreatic cells lose the ability to secrete sufficient amount of insulin the body needs. Cystic fibrosis : Pancreas with this problem is a genetic disorder that affects the functions of various organs including lungs. Pancreatitis : This condition causes inflammation of pancreas due to excess of inflow of digestive chemicals. Islet cell tumor : Some cells of the pancreas grow in large numbers causing cancerous tumor.

On some cases, the doctor may do biopsy of pancreas by cutting small tissue from it and testing in the laboratory for detecting any cancerous cells. For treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes, injecting insulin or taking insulin pills can manage the blood sugar in the body.
The head portion of the pancreas is connected with the duodenum of small intestine through small tubing called pancreatic duct.
Pancreas produces distinct enzymes and juices that help in digestion and thus it is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels. The affected person should take insulin injections for the entire lifetime for managing blood sugar levels. Individuals who are suspected for cystic fibrosis are done sweat chloride test in which small electric current is sent into the body causing sweat. In case of pseudocyst on the pancreas, surgery is done for draining the cyst through the tube or for removing the cyst itself.

The other end of the pancreas is narrow (is called tail) extends to the left side of the abdomen. Further he may request for computed aided scanning test or MRI scan for diagnosing the problem correctly. The sweat level is studied through the instrument for detecting the presence of cystic fibrosis. For people with pancreatic cancer, Whipple procedure is adopted for cutting open the head of the pancreas.

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