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Today the Spotify app is available for both PS4 and PS3 in an exclusive partnership that will bring “more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists,” to PlayStation gamers.
The will be a premium membership that will cost $9.99 per month offering high-quality audio, no adverts and also allow access to your tunes on mobile devices. But perhaps the best new feature of all is that the app will allow for custom in-game soundtracks which means you can play GTA V and have your own playlist playing with the games while the games’ actual dialogue, ambient sound, and sound effects will still be played over your music. Expect to hear much more talk about telco deals in the coming months, as streaming services focus on such partnerships as a way to attract new users and break into new markets with a bang. Deezer started a new round of comparisons last week with its announcement that it had 25 telco deals around the world, having added 11 in the last year, with those partnerships having boosted its number of paying subscribers over the 5m mark. Bevington’s colleague Michael Abbattista, global head of telco partnerships for Spotify, said that the company is continuing to pursue telco deals around the world, like its rivals.
There aren’t any public figures to back this up, in terms of how many Spotify subscribers come through telco deals.
A lot of the discussion around playlist and recommendations has hinged around a strange (and somewhat erroneous) dichotomy between “human” and “algorithm”, yet the best of them manage to combine the two.
Spotify has confirmed that its global head of content, Steve Savoca, will leave the company at the end of next month.
Spotify is making it easier for its users to find playlists for any mood or occasion with its latest feature, Browse. Rolling out today on Spotify's mobile apps for iOS and Android — with desktop support coming over the next few months — Browse is basically Spotify's version of Mashable favorite Songza. Like Songza, Browse lets users select curated playlists based around certain moods ("melancholy" or "romance"), activities (so "Monday morning commute") and around collections of newly released and upcoming music, based on your own tastes. The big difference between Songza and Browse is that Browse is part of the Spotify ecosystem. Browse is the third piece of the discovery puzzle and its designed around the art of curation.

Part of what makes music discovery so difficult for services such as Spotify and its competitors — which include Rdio and Rhapsody — is that the amount of music available is so incredibly vast.
As a result, most users just go with what they know and as a result, they end up listening to the same music over and over again.
By launching Browse as a mobile first product, Spotify is signaling that it sees mobile as an increasingly important part of its business.
Once Browse rolls out to our account, we'll compare it with other playlist curation services such as Songza.
The good news is that unlike other online features of the PS4, music fans won’t need to be PS Plus subscribers  or Spotify premium members to access all the musical goodness. Meanwhile, pay-as-you-go customers can pay €9.99 a month to get Spotify and 250MB of data thrown in.
The big carriers there haven’t signed exclusive deals with any of the streaming services yet. Vul hieronder je gegevens in, betaal via IDEAL en vervolgens verschijnt de Spotify Code op je scherm. Last year, Spotify announced its Follow and Discover features that are designed to make it easier for users to get algorithmically suggested songs and albums — as well as a way to follow music artists and influencers to see their tastes and shares.
When you have a library of literally millions of albums, it's difficult for users to even know where to start. How many of us still listen to the same Pandora stations we created eight years ago, just because it's overwhelming to create something new? Being able to just pick a playlist and trust that it will be the right thing for the right time is freeing. It also puts some of its new features behind a paywall of sorts — at least until Browse hits the desktop.
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Nacio en octubre del 2008 en Suecia y muchos lo empezamos a descubrir a principios de 2009 convirtiendose en un inseparable en nuestras vidas, especialmente para los amantes de la musica. It kicks into gear this Friday for both contract and pay-as-you-go customers on the operator, with plans for a €1.5m marketing campaign to support it.
Before the Tunigo acquisition (and even after, frankly), I've long begged Spotify to just acquire Songza — if only so I could have my two favorite music services inside the same app. Moreover, it aids in true music discovery because when you hear a song by an artist or band you haven't heard before, you can then delve into more of their catalog and try other tracks or albums on for size. En marzo de 2009 anunciaban que llegaban al millon de usuarios en todo el mundo, y hoy, dos anos despues y con mas de 10 millones de usuarios que poseen 200 millones de listas de reproduccion, anuncian que han llegado al millon de usuarios premium. The Tunigo team of musicologists are responsible for creating and vetting many of the playlists in Browse. Pese a todas las trabas que la industria les pone, a dia de hoy ya esta disponible en siete paises europeos (en muchos otros, solo en la version de pago) y en varios idiomas, como podeis ver en este mapa:Y no solo eso, sino que en breves puede que su salto a los Estados Unidos sea inminente, ya que parece ser que ha conseguido llegar a un acuerdo con dos de las cuatro discograficas mas importantes del pais.
En 2010 fueron las cosas mejor y pudieron pagar mas de 45 millones de euros a las discograficas europeas, convirtiendose en Suecia en la mayor fuente de ingresos para las discograficas.Aun asi, para las bandas vivir de sus ingresos en Spotify es una utopia. Es el futuro de la industria musical y ya son muchas las discograficas y artistas que se han dado cuenta de que hay que colaborar con esto y con otras alternativas como Grooveshark.No sabemos que opinais vosotros mismos sobre el tema, pero una vez mas, os preguntamos (especialmente si formais parte del mundo de la musica) y os invitamos a ver nuestro perfil, en el que tenemos un monton de listas de reproduccion de festivales, conciertos y especiales.
Diariamente me inyecto mi dosis de Metallica y normalmente escucho mas metal que otra cosa. Eso si, puedo escuchar desde el indie mas actual, hasta el death mas bruto, pasando por la electronica, hard rock, hip-hop e incluso merengues.
Tambien podeis echarle un ojo a una entrevista que me hicieron en redaccion en este enlace.

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